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  1. BillEssley

    Comparing Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to S21 Ultra - What are the new upgrades?

    With the latest improvements from Samsung, especially in the camera area, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could become a strong contender for the phone with the best camera. So what are the main differences between the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S21 Ultra?
  2. socialagency

    Samsung Galaxy A10s will be released soon in India with Galaxy M40

    Previously, a reliable source confirmed Galaxy M40 would soon be launched in India. However, the latest report said South Korean producers are planning to launch another low-cost smartphone, called the Galaxy A10s. And this phone will soon be released with Galaxy A40 in India shortly...
  3. Z

    Samsung Galaxy Note9 receives another Android Pie beta

    As we wait for the final release to go out, possibly on January 15, Samsung has now started sending out a new beta build of Android 9 Pie with One UI on top to the Galaxy Note9 units enrolled in the beta program. It's the fourth build that's making it to the company's flagship phablet, and it...
  4. novandak

    Images from a case maker give us a first look at Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

    The smallest, cheapest model of the upcoming Galaxy S10 is expected to have a flat screen with an almost symmetrical border. All recent rumors and leaks suggest that Samsung will launch to four Galaxy S10 models in the first half of 2019. These include S10 Lite, S10 Edge, S10 Plus and S10 5G...
  5. SS1234

    Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone?

    Smartphones are things that we use in our everyday lives, that is why it is important to choose your next smartphone based on your preference and how convenient the smartphone is for you. Among other brands in the phone industry 2 brands come on top each year: Samsung and Apple. Samsung is a...
  6. moonandstars

    Pleased to meet you.

    The name is Kirin, and i'm a new member here. I'm hoping to be able to discuss smartphones with all of you as i'm a bit of a phone geek in general. I have a Samsung galaxy A3, but i'm planning to change to a better one after finishing my summer part time job. My speciality is with android apps...
  7. novandak

    How to hide application on Samsung Galaxy

    Hiding App will not make the app appear on the home screen. Your own applications or unnecessary applications that you want to hide them then you can do as following steps: Step 1: Go to "Settings". Step 2: Select "Display". Step 3: Select "Standby screen". Step 4: Go to "Hide Applications"...
  8. Maxwell

    How to set up Fingerprint lock on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

    Fingerprint security makes it safer to protect your private data. To set up fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, just do as follows: Step 1: Go to "Settings" and select "Screen lock and security". Step 2: Select "Fingerprint". Step 3: Choose a backup password. Step 4: Install and...