samsung galaxy

  1. moonandstars

    Pleased to meet you.

    The name is Kirin, and i'm a new member here. I'm hoping to be able to discuss smartphones with all of you as i'm a bit of a phone geek in general. I have a Samsung galaxy A3, but i'm planning to change to a better one after finishing my summer part time job. My speciality is with android apps...
  2. novandak

    How to hide application on Samsung Galaxy

    Hiding App will not make the app appear on the home screen. Your own applications or unnecessary applications that you want to hide them then you can do as following steps: Step 1: Go to "Settings". Step 2: Select "Display". Step 3: Select "Standby screen". Step 4: Go to "Hide Applications"...
  3. Maxwell

    How to set up Fingerprint lock on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

    Fingerprint security makes it safer to protect your private data. To set up fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, just do as follows: Step 1: Go to "Settings" and select "Screen lock and security". Step 2: Select "Fingerprint". Step 3: Choose a backup password. Step 4: Install and...