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  1. SS1234

    Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone?

    Smartphones are things that we use in our everyday lives, that is why it is important to choose your next smartphone based on your preference and how convenient the smartphone is for you. Among other brands in the phone industry 2 brands come on top each year: Samsung and Apple. Samsung is a...
  2. Femyper

    Trending Smartphones

    What is the most Trending Smartphones nowadays? I currently use Vivo V5. It is not expensive and have a good quality for music and gamers.
  3. lemon6


    Hello im looking for an affordable gaming phone with good specs? any suggestions everyone? my bugdet is only under 200 dollars. i can afford those absurd price smartphones. sad. Anyways thank you for the time reading this post. May you have a nice day sir. smile
  4. A

    Hey guys!!

    Hey everyone, new member here ✋️, Glad that i've gone here. This forum quite helpful for me, since Im planning to buy another smartphone.And I really like to know which smartphone best for me. Hope you gonna help me when im going to purchase one. Thank you ?
  5. spb

    About us

    Welcome to our Smartphone Best. This smartphone forum is one the best forums out there when it comes to information, not only about smartphones, but also regarding the technology and devices related to smartphones. Our aim is to provide our community members with guides, tutorials and just...