Discover Close Your Rings feature on Apple Watch


Feb 19, 2013
Apple Watch has a very useful feature that you may not know is Close Your Rings, contributing to making your life healthier. Let's find out this information right below!

What is Close Your Rings?
Simple Understanding Close Your Rings is your activity cycle; this feature tracks user activity throughout the day and encourages you to complete physical goals.
In other words, Close Your Rings is a criterion for you to rely on that to complete the training goal to display this feature, you must open the Activity app.


Criteria Close Your Rings displays a chart with three circles of red, blue and green. In which the red ring color indicates the number of calories you burned, green indicates the amount of time you have exercised and blue is the time you have been standing all day.

It is known that devices such as Apple Watch Series 3 or Apple Watch Series 4 are integrated with this useful feature.

The red circle helps you have a better body
You can imagine simply the goal today is to burn about 800 Calories to help your body slim. But Close Your Rings displays information that you only burn 500 calories, and you have to work much more to achieve your goals.


The burned Calories that the red circle shows are from your total activities during the day from daily activities such as moving, from the stairs at work or cleaning the house ... to the practice. Exercise more intense sports.


Each week Apple Watch will propose new energy burning goals designed specifically for your activity.

You can also change the goal of moving goods to burn more or fewer calories. By opening the Activity app, emphasize the screen and then touch the change target.

The green ring keeps track of whether you work hard or not
Next to the sports green ring shows how many minutes you have been practicing whether you are moving at a fast pace or doing a specific exercise in the Workout app.


The Workout app on the Apple Watch can track common exercises like running, swimming and intense exercise with just one click. More specifically, this application shows up to 5 metrics of workout indicators such as time, distance, energy, heart rate and walking.


Your practice is included in the Activity app of the day and data will be synchronized to the Health app on the iPhone.

Science has proven that 30 minutes of activity each day can help reduce the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and weight gain. Through the ring in this green, you can improve sleep and reduce stress after a day's work.

Sitting much is not good, the blue circle will remind you
Sitting too much will cause health problems. That's why Apple Watch keeps track of how much you've been standing all day and remind you not to sit too much. Less exercise will lower blood pressure, increase the risk of fat and risk of heart disease higher.


When standing, we can move in many different positions and burn more calories. If you've been sitting for a while, Apple Watch will remind you to get up to relax; you can control the reminder in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.


The reminder is very helpful when helping you accomplish your goals. Apple Watch tells you that you are maintaining your goal or regressing from your activity goals.

In short, Close Your Rings on Apple Watch will help you to be more active, in good health and with a nice, good-looking physique. At present, we often focus on using smartphones or technology devices, sitting more and less active. Since then, it can be seen that the function of Close Your Rings contributes to making our life more beautiful and healthy.
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