Xiaomi Fanmi Dual Use Ear Thermometer - Just for The Accuracy of 0.1°C


Aug 3, 2018
Are you still using a traditional thermometer? Traditional mercury thermometers pose a safety risk, may cause mercury poisoning. The measurement is also not convenient, it needs to be clipped under the armpit for 5-10 minutes, and the child is unwilling to cooperate. Moreover, the measured values are not accurate. The Xiaomi Fanmi dual use thermometer can meet all the above conditions, and the ear temperature can accurately reflect the core temperature of the human body.

Product Features:
● EU certified, safe and reliable.
● 1 second temperature measurement, fast and efficient.
● LED backlight display, clear and easy to read at night.
● Minimalist ergonomic design, comfortable and durable.
● Touch control, convenient and sensitive.
● 9 channel matrix measurement, more accurate.
● Auto-sensing 3D probe, intelligent calibration.
● Dual use: ear & forehead measurement.
● Historical temperature memory, easy comparison.
● European imported probe, high-end essential.

Accurate measurement, easy to use, healthy and hygienic, beautiful and generous, Fanmi ear thermometer can provide you with all you want: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-fanmi-smart-ear-forehead-thermometer.html

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