What do you prefer for a wallpaper? A real people or an anime character?

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I like and preferably use both alternately. Because of this I usually change my wallpaper several times a week. At least it is not boring to me to see not the same wallpaper every day. I love the the anime "sangoku" of the dragon ball z as my wallpaper because he powers up with energy and then levels up, lol; it encourages me to be energetic always in facing this complicated, modern, world. Other wallpapers that I do love to see on my phone are "nature"; they refresh me when I look at them.
I don't like both because it is not really impressed me. I used to search and download lanscape wallpwper for my PC or smartphone.

For example



They always make me feel free though :D
Neither, my mobile phone and desktop wallpapers are based on sceneries which are dark themed or mysterious themed. I prefer dark forest or dark pathway. I don't really know why I like these types of wallpapers but it seems cool for me.

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I always put dark themed anime on my phone. But I also put my family's photo as wallpaper when i feel like it. I think it depends on your preference or what you feel at times. Here are a few of my anime wallpapers:
. 6785856-dark-anime-backgrounds.jpg images.jpg
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I have no preference when installing wallpaper in my phone. It depends on my mood, sometimes. While browsing over the internet I came across some unusual anime or abstract arts, I will download it and used. But, I do prefer more light and vibrant colors in choosing wallpapers. Like for instance this wallpaper I used recently.

I prefer real people, especially those whom I know for a wallpaper. I am currently using me and my husband's photo during our wedding and it makes me happy whenever I look at it. I am quite a sentimental person, so using photos of me and my loved ones will weigh more rather than using photos of fictional characters.
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I have no preference specifically in picking what my wallpaper would be, I actually change it a lot because i feel like its meaning for me fades after a while, but in relations to anime, i actually love using it as a wallpaper too sometimes, depending on the mood; i personally love FairyTail, im sure you've heard of them already, i love setting Gray-Sama as my wallpaper sometimes natsu and lucy together or all of them in the guild but my most bias is gray <3 i looove happy too


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I like seeing the faces of people I realy like all the time, it always a motivation for me, So I use mostly my family and friends photo for my wallpaper which is real people.it makes me smile anytime I unlock my phone and the wallpaper come alive.it makes me remember that I have beautiful souls in my life that I live for.
I prefer anime related wallpapers also but i still do change my wallpaper from time to time. Sometimes i have both at the same time, an anime for the home screen and any other for the lock screen. I just don't like bright and colorful wallpapers. This is my current wallpaper:
Picture of real people like pictures of my love ones normally I am using as wallpaper of my Laptop and even my cellphones. Its more inspiring for me to see the pictures of my children on my laptop, it something like motivation to perform my job and give my best in everything I do because all of these are for them.


I tried to resize a picture I took when we had a vacation last year and made it my wallpaper. It took me a little time to choose which one was good for my smartphone. I chose this one and did some adjustment to fit my screen. The outcome looks okay. I took the picture when we were in Santander, Cebu. Near that resort is where my foster parent lives. We have white sand (as they call it). The island on that distant view is Siquijor and on the right side island is the Dumaguete city. From where I took the picture is Santander. Well, I think it is wonderful to have a wallpaper that reminds a person of an experience, a real one.
I used to download images from the app called "Zedge", which you can find here for Android: Zedge
Zedge is good for downloading all kinds of different wallpapers and screensavers, and also has ringers and ringtone notifications you can download to your phone.

But, now I just keep a picture of my kids on my phone. I've had this photo on my phone for probably the last 2 years and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon, unless I put up another picture of them.

2018-02-01 20.31.17.png
I used real people for my phone wallpaper, sometimes myself but most of the time my husband. I am pregnant for 5 months now, maybe in the few months my wallpapers will be filled of my baby's picture. it makes me happy everytime I open my phone and I can see my family that I dearly love, it gives me so much motivation to do better, especially in my tiresome job.
I rather choose anime to put on my wallpaper. Not just because I do like anime but for me It looks weird if my wallpaper is my picture. I really hate seeing myself again and again whenever I look at my phone. That is why it is always anime is the pic you'll see everytime you look my phone or laptop. I do really like Law Jolly Roger of One Piece. :D

I prefer an anime Character to Be my wallpaper, It could express your inner childishness, and it Somehow removes stress from your body when you are seeing your wallpaper (that is if you like anime), I love cool looking anime wallpaper, Relating to love stories, superpower and Martial Arts :) .

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I prefer characters or any abstract image than seeing my self as a wallpaper on my screen. I am not comfortable looking at my phone or desktop with my face or anyone's face on it because it annoys me. It is like someone is watching or looking at me whenever I look at my screen which is a very awkward feeling.
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