Should I make an upgrade to iPhone X?

Hello. So I have an iPhone 6S Plus, and it's been an amazing phone so far, after about 1.5 years, no lags, no errors whatsoever.

But the again, I just checked the iPhone X on my local shop, and it's also an amazing phone, I was blown away by it actually. So no idea really what to do in this regard... My 6S plus still works fine, but an upgrade would be nice... But considering the insane price of the X - not sure if it's worth paying that much.

What would you do? Upgrade or nah?
From the point of view of someone who loves their money, NO. Don't get an iphone X. I recently got an iphone 6S. It's an amazing phone. I probably got it at a quarter of the price of yours and yet we both have the same experience. Just wait for the iphone X to go down in price and get it. Why spend money when you don't have to. Buy Bitcoins or something with the extra cash. In my opinion so long as a phone can call, receive ,go onto the internet and get a decent picture you're good to go. The iphone X is just about status and does nothing particularly different from majority of the other iphones.


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I really don't think you should. I mean it is a good phone, maybe even the best one. But it's just way too much money, it is absolutely ridiculous. Better save all that cash and invest it in something smarter, or if you REALLY want that exact phone just wait until the price drops significantly.
I've been debating the same thing! I am thinking that I will go for it. The design and hardware included with the iPhone X is amazing, and I truly believe it is the best phone on the market right now. It does come with a hefty price tag, but if it's within your budget then go for it! If you want to watch a detailed and quality review video I will be adding a link to one that has swayed me in the direction of purchasing the iPhone X. The guy making the video is entertaining too which makes it much more bearable to sit through!

iPhone X review:
If I were to choose and if really I have a money to buy or upgrade my iPhone 5s into an iPhone X I will do. Having an iPhone for me is kinda investment, because when you have iPhone you got a genuine phone. Its value never dropped down. When you buy an iPhone and you're planning to sell it on the future you'll get fair value of its price. Unlike having a non-IOS device. Because I had a non-IOS device before and I usually had an issues, in terms of it's functionalities, features, and tools. So, when the time I decided to upgrade my phone and plan to sell it no one would have an interest to buy it because it's non-IOS device at the end you wouldn't get the best value of the thing you bought. The best phone that I had ever since iPhone.
That actually depends on how much money you are willing to throw into a phone. Provided the user experience you had with iOS, are you willing to throw a huge money for iPhone X? There are better and cheaper phones in the market(I think it's safe to say, including iPhone 8 since your are upgrading from 6s). I own an iPhone 7 and if I do have a thousand dollar, I'll buy a laptop instead. If I buy a laptop, I can do a lot of things like online business, creating apps etc.
For practicality sake, your Iphone6s is still good enough to keep. But if you have enough money to buy iPhone X, go for it. Don't deprive yourself to experience iPhone in a higher level. Just consider it as a reward or gift for yourself.
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