Should I Upgrade to iPhone X?

I am currently on the iPhone 7 Plus and I love the big screen, but not a huge fan of texting with two hands. Is the iPhone X different enough to warrant an upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus?

Tell me what your opinions are, would love to hear how the X is treating you all.
I would definitely upgrade to the iPhone X. Compared to the iPhone 7, the iPhone X has a almost bezel less screen. The first time I held the iPhone X it was smooth and fitted perfectly in my hand. The dual 12 megapixel camera of the iPhone X, when taking photos is gorgeous, and is way better than any other iPhone that has came out. Also the iPhone X has the A11 Bionic Chip, while the iPhone 7 has the A10 Fusion Chip meaning that the iPhone X would beat the iPhone 7 Plus in speeed. The only downside you might encounter is the notch at the top of the screen. Once you get to know the phone more, you really don't pay attention to the notch. If I was you I really consider upgrading to the iPhone X.
Apple has been coasting for too long with the design it introduced for the iPhone 6, but that all changes with the iPhone X – in a big way. You don’t need me to tell you the iPhone X is a huge departure from the iPhone design of old – just look at the pictures. Not only does it look good, however; Apple has done a fantastic job at actually making it feel really good too.
According to me, you should not upgrade to iPhone X at this time but waiting for next version of iPhone, it will be more better than iPhone X.


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Upgrading to a new released iphone would cost you a lot. But if you think you really have to,at the end of the day you are the last person who can decide with that matter. Think if you really need it or you just want it.
If you had the iphone8 I would say it's not worth it, but as you have the 7 I think it's a good choice. If I was willing to invest all this money, I think you should do it. In my opinion the iphone X is one of the best.
IPhone X is really a good option. Its a good update compared with iphone 7. A lot of innovation were made from the features, applications, graphics and even specs. Plus you can have more access using iphone X compared with iphone 7. And as you said your not a fan of texting with two hands thus iphone X is suitable for you.


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Only if you feel like you need to upgrade. If your 7 Plus still works perfectly fine for the things you mean to use it for, than no, you don't need to upgrade. At that point it comes to if you want to upgrade.

Even if you have enough money to buy a new, just keep using your current phone until it can no longer suffice to your needs, for like when your battery is capable to last for only a few hours without being plugged it. By the time you can't properly use it anymore, that iPhone X will be cheaper, or there will be a new one, which you can then choose. That one should keep you up to date for another year or two.
I would choose you to upgrade to iPhone X. I am a current user of this phone and I really love it. If financial is not an issue then you can buy one to experience it and I am pretty sure that you will love it too. It is very smooth and it is water and dust resistant. I love the camera features and very sophisticated.
It is also armed with Face ID and wireless charging. iPhone X is really a great option for me.


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