Is Samsung Galaxy S8+ waterproof?

For those people asking about this, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature IP68-rated water and dust resistance. The IP68 rating indicates that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is water resistant up to 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) for 30 minutes. The iPhone 7 is IP67-rated water and dust resistant, meaning it can be submerged in 1 meter (3.28 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

Am I right? Drop your comments below.
For me, it was not advisable to soak wet a water resistant phone. Due to the fact that the resistance of the phone varies with the amount of pressure that a phone can withstand. I think the S8 and S8+ can do such trick (since it was water resistant), but not to the extend that you'll drop the phone on a tub full of water just to try it out. Remember, marketing campaign always prevails. In the end, you'll just making a big bad mess.
I owe a Samsung Galaxy S8+, the phone is water resistant not water proof. It means you can use it while it is raining, in the shower, or if accidentally drop it from a wet surface. Submerging it underwater is not advisable, also when the phone gets wet specially at the charging port, the phone will recognize that moisture is present and you need to dry it off before charging. All in all it is still a great phone!
The samsung galaxy s8+ is not waterproof. It is only water and dust resistant. You can submerge it on fresh water up to 1.5 meters for only 30 minutes based on the test samsung performed. You can use it underwater but make sure to dry your phone before charging as it may damage your charger based on my personal experience.
The samsung galaxy s8+ is water resistant but not waterproof because when we say waterproof, it can stay in the water for a long period of time without getting damage the parts of phone inside. The samsung galaxy s8+ can only stay in the water 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) for 30 minutes. Still it depends on the pressure of the water that a phone can withstand
I have Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I use it in the shower always. I think it is water resistant but I haven't really tried submerging it on water. I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 before and I submerged it in the pool and used it to take photos. I did not encounter any problems after that.
I think it's water resistance because I've experience that it suddenly rained in our place and it got wet but when I checked it its still working. But I think when you go swimming under the sea in a low depth that will be the time that it will not work because of the pressure and more water will stock inside of the mobile phone


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Quick advice for everyone: Just because a smartphone or tablet is waterproof, doesn't mean you have to let them get in touch with any water. Always protect your devices from water. Don't use it needlessly outside when it's raining, don't take it with you in the shower, don't lick it (don't even know why anyone would), or anything else like that.

Waterproof means "Some water doesn't immediatly kill it", not "Water doesn't kill it".
As far as I know, this unit Samsung S8 is waterproof and dustproof. It is the best for those peoples who love to go underwater and make a shot out of it. If you are a diver, swimmer or ocean explorer, guys this unit is suited for you.


So, not to repeat the above, we managed to figure it out that the phone isn't waterproof, but generally speaking, does this feature so much improve the efficiency of the phone itself?I would not say.Water resistance, most commonly thinking of the rain, is always good, but If we look at a wider picture, no one will bath while carrying around the phone, will it?
I think it is just a water resistant kind of phone. You can use it from the drizzling rain, sprinkling shower, but not to the extent to use it underwater. It's a good phone though. Being a water resistant phone gives you the advantage than those who arent.
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