Smart Wallet??!!

Hello Everyone!

I have watched this video in YouTube browsing for some things that I think was important and useful one.
However I find this so called Smart wallet so I want to ask for member's idea or if any of the member's forum regarding their experience or encounter with this called Smart Wallet..

Try to watch this video, Is it real and true???

Omg this is something, and I can't imagine how expensive this wallet are. You can literally charge your phone with that? just wow.


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Cool video. Question is, how much does it cost? And does it pair up with any kind of smart phone or you need t buy the wallet and phone together? But over all it is incredibly amazing specially the part where it secretly takes a photo of the thief and send it to the owner.


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That's a remarkable product specially the anti lost and finder feature. A smart wallet is a great idea specially with anti lost and theft capabilities. I only have some doubt on the battery, I think that could be dangerous specially when the battery is deformed while on your back pocket, but of course i assume the manufacturer's know these factors. Overall its a good concept. I wonder when it will be out in the market?

Have a great day:coffee:!
This smart wallet is 100% legit. It's brand is Volterman. I know there are also other brands. Just check it out in google. Anyways, what I like in this smart wallet is it's amazing and outstanding. It has GPS, powerbank, Bluetooth and smart lock I think. When you lost your wallet it automatically locks. Something like that. So our world now is full of amazing technology. I can't imagine 20 years from now how it would be. I don't how much it cost. But I know it's pretty expensive.
This sounds interesting! I'd love to have something like this, especially since it has a smart lock and a powerbank. I have a powerbank myself, but it's such a hassle to bring, since it's chunky and a little heavy, so this sounds like the perfect thing for me. I do suspect though that it won't have a very large battery life, but who knows.
Joey Mercado
@Melancholy Agree with you cause sometimes power bank are chunky and heavy to carry. But not that some power bank also had this tendency that when you use their cable for quite sometimes it will not work and this thing is really close about to perfection cause of its products and services offered right? So let us hope regarding this battery life .
Wow. This device is really amazing. Just imagine that you can have all phone accesories in just one wallet. Is this really real and available on all countries now ? The wireless hotspot and power bank is really useful especially when you are on travel. Plus the alarm and the gps tracking is very amazing. However, I wonder how much this cost. I think this is really costly but I think that this is worth it. Plus it is very portable and has very important features.


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Looks awesome. I'm sure this is something towards the future where everyone will have one of these. It would make things easier for the police to track and identify thieves. Although, it gets me wondering: What if the person finds a wallet, and checks inside for an ID? Maybe so he can maybe give it it back to the right person, should he find him, or know for certain that it's a wallet filled with stuff and probably forgotten or lost, so he can turn it in at the nearest police station? I mean, I'm not going through the effort to return a wallet, I'd just leave it where I'd found it. Or throw it away. Or make certain it doesn't remain on the ground.
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