What do you prefer iPhone or Samsung?

I am an apple user for several years, having an apple product is really classy and the quality of its camera is incomparable. Having an iPhone cost me several bucks for the charger and of course, who would get over those cute cases for iPhone? Seeing my friends use Samsung products which are very friendly and they can share music, pictures and everything in a snap, not like apple, makes me wanna switch to Samsung immediately. Also, apple's battery life is shorter than of Samsung, it drains quickly especially with the new iOs 11. Its style is classy and really handy but it dies after using several apps for at least 10 minutes, while Samsung there helps you interact and do a lot of things with your phone. There are a lot of pros and cons between the products and the competition is really tight for years, but as an apple user, I prefer Samsung.
I prefer iPhone over Samsung. If I were to go Android, I will take other brands instead of Samsung.

I prefer iOS now only because of their timely OS updates. You can't get that if you are using a non-Nexus or Pixel Android phones.
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I would prefer android rather than iPhone.Android Doesn't have lot of memorizing to do like your iCloud account and etc.,but with android I can use at ease and a gamer friendly.
Now, I probably prefer iPhone than Samsung even though I am currently using Samsung note 3. Especially the camera of iPhone, I very like its quality even without filters.
Also, a lot of people prefer to buy iPhone than Samsung. What you think?
I can say either of the Two brands as long as they are performing well and the quality of the specifications was great. Cause i prefer the specifications over the brand. And I believe that whether your phone was Samsung or Iphone as long as you know how to use it and give importance on it it will last unto its maximum performance . Thank you
If I given a chance to change my cellphone right now, I would preferred to buy IPhone than samsung, because we all know that in terms of camera there's a big difference between them. In Samsung's camera its not so clear, that why sometimes other using filter's that fits to their wants, while in using iPhone camera, you don't need to use filter, its very clear like HD pictures.
There are lots of reasons why for me I choose IPhone, but that is my top reason. That's only my opinion.
It really depends on the person using it. I suggest if you like gaming you should choose android phones like Samsung because there are lots of games on android than IOS. If you like consistency, you should pick Iphone. Iphone is very good for long use as it will not lag even though you have many apps.
All the phone that I've been using is iPhone. I never bought my own phone. It's either a gift or an old phone that they used. But if ever I have the chance to buy one I would choose Samsung. Both companies are stepping forward to improve and upgrade their technologies. But Samsung seems to be doing their job better. Every time Samsung releases a new phone you can see the difference in their past versions. The specification of the phone is better. Big upgrade and a big improvement on their gadgets. While iPhone seems to focus on a few things to upgrade like the camera and the size of the phone. Nevertheless, I have been using iPhone and I can say that I'm satisfied with it. The phone does what it says it does like call and text.
If the comparison is between the iPhone and Samsung, I definitely prefer the iPhone. The OS is more fluid, there is less fragmentation and overall experience is much better.:giggle:
Two things I admired most in an iPhone is its durability and smoothness. My friend had his iphone 5s for 3 years now and haven't lag or slows down. On the other hand, my samsung j7 pro which is a year old keeps on lagging and launching app are now slow. I am considering buying an iphone 7 plus later this year to finally dispose my laggy phone and try the infamous iPhone.
I'm currently using a Samsung A7 (2017) after my abruptly ended tumultuous love affair with an iPhone 5s. I am phone OS agnostic, easily switching between iOS and Android. I do own a Mac though, so it made the use of an iPhone within the Apple environment quite easy especially with some apps I use for work available on both Mac and iPhone like Keynote. But what I didn't like and do not miss one bit about the iPhone is the convoluted file system. In the case of certain apps, it would take several, complicated steps to use files. When I switched to Android, I found that it had matured from where I left it for the iPhone and iOS. The Samsung A7's hardware sealed the deal for my current love for Android and Samsung.
The A7's screen is bright and crisp, surprising for a mid-level phone. The second SIM slot is excellent to have when traveling whereby I can simply drop in a SIM from a new country without pulling out my home SIM. An expandable memory via microSD gives me up to 256gig extra. The one thing I miss however is the iPhone's amazing camera. I can't seem to get photos as good in low light on the A7 but it isn't a dealbreaker.
In my opinion, it depends on the user needs. But for me, I definitely choose iPhone because it has a unique features. The camera itself is very natural. You don't need beauty apps just to make your picture looj better. The capacity of its battery can use longer even if its in lowest percentage of battery. The level of security also was very amazing, that the owner can be use for its own privacy. Definitely, I highly recommend iPhone eventhough the price is expensive but it has a very good quality.
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I prefer iPhone rather than Samsung. I like iPhone because it is the only smartphone that offers iOS feature. Samsung and other smartphone has the same software which is Android.


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iPhone all the way! The camera is fantastic even for the older models. It is also durable . I’ve been using mine for two years end it is still working well. However, you just have to take care of it because The battery is not replaceable. The other accessories are also expensive Other than that, iPhone is worth buying.
Now, I probably prefer iPhone than Samsung even though I am currently using Samsung note 3. Especially the camera of iPhone, I very like its quality even without filters.
Also, a lot of people prefer to buy iPhone than Samsung. What you think?
Now, I probably prefer iPhone than Samsung even though I am currently using Samsung note 3. Especially the camera of iPhone, I very like its quality even without filters.
Also, a lot of people prefer to buy iPhone than Samsung. What you think?
I also planning to change from Samsung to iPhone.I never used apple phone before. eversince I am using samsung and nokia and I need a change but still confuse what model to buy. :).Hopefully before Christmas I will get my first iPhone.hehe.
For me, i prefer iphone. Apple were the first to have the original idea of a touch screen phone and called it the Iphone. It has a better quality. Apple has best design and premium look. It may be expensive but it is worth the price. But everyone has it's own tastes when it comes to phone. It depends on person if what phone they want and would buy.
I prefer iphone because of its sleek design and also their camera is very good not like other phones that has a very high price but low specs.
I prefer Samsung because of its compatibility in their applications and their parts. Unlike the Iphone where in you can't replace it easily. Samsung has a lot of variety of parts you can go to for replacement if ever some parts are not working.

Although not all apps are in Play store/android, the problem with IOS is that there are limited applications especially apps that are developed by independent companies. The problem as well with the Iphone is the price especially when they first release compared to samsung
I am using iPhone for almost 3 years and for me this is the best phone because this is users friendly and more secure about how you will manage your account. More durable and has its own featured that is unique from other smartphones. I think for me iPhone is the best and I will recommend for my friends to buy.
I prefer iPhone because of its features. I like them better off Samsung, in my own experience i find Samsung hanging all the time especially when it is about 2-3 months old. The memory gets full easily unlike iPhone that has a very fast response.
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