What do you prefer iPhone or Samsung?

Now, I probably prefer iPhone than Samsung even though I am currently using Samsung note 3. Especially the camera of iPhone, I very like its quality even without filters.
Also, a lot of people prefer to buy iPhone than Samsung. What you think?


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I would have to say that i also prefer iPhone. I am not a huge fan of the Samsung's design. The phone physical appearance is just repulsing to me. The specifications are amazing, but i just cannot look at it :D

iPhone on the other hand... what a masterpiece. It's very hard to find a flaw regarding that phone. It is the closest to perfection. I am currently saving money for one. Have to replace my dusty old Nokia for a brand new, shiny iPhone. Absolutely cannot wait :D
No doubt. I'll choose IPhone. They have the great specs that a phone should have. The external design is just fabulous. But in all fairness, it's quite expensive. Though, it's worth it.

On the other hand, Samsung is also good compare to other local phones. They also offer different kinds of phone depending on the budget that every customer has. In short, economically wise.
Hmm, for me this comes down to the ecosystem. I really don't like how Apple's products are designed to loop you into their products - once you are using iCloud, iTunes etc., it's harder to switch. So essentially, it's less convenient to buy anything other than Apple! This is an understandable business move, and indeed other companies (Samsung included) try to do the same. However, the extent to which Apple does it - down to their OS - is not the user experience I am looking for.

This may not be an issue for many consumers, but I am very particular about retaining some modicum of freedom. Since Samsung runs on Android, which is not locked to any one brand, I prefer Samsung and have used them in the past.

There is, however, a significant caveat. I believe Apple is probably a more ethical company (in terms of environmental impact, not business). This is a clear, accessible write-up of why, covering multiple ethical shopping guides. Here are a few highlights:
  • iPhones are more easily repaired than new Samsung phones
  • Samsung takes a long time to roll out updates to older phones, reducing lifespan
  • Both naturally don't source conflict-free minerals but Apple's stance is a bit more self-aware (though they have suppliers everywhere, even sharing with Samsung, so...)
Neither are really great brands, but if I were only looking at company practices and not what I personally prefer from a phone, Apple wins out.


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That's a very good point, iPhone does lure you into their "program" and once you are in you basically have to change the phone in order to get out :D
But that is a very smart marketing trick, and most companies in general do the same thing, it's just that iPhone does it better and more effective then everyone else.
There's a lot of geniuses working for Apple, and considering how good, reliable and durable their products are, i wouldn't doubt them one bit.

Very good insight though, my friend. Keep up with the solid informational posts, you are doing this community a massive favor :)
I think everyone in here are avid fan of Apple and I get to understand that. However, upon using Samsung for like I can't remember how long I would say that I do prefer it as compare to iphone. I mean yes they are sleek and stylish but come to think of it, buying an overpriced product and having the same features with Samsung is a no no for me. Yes, I can't afford an iphone now but I've had one before. I had a hard time sharing files with everyone. I have to download itunes so I could sync files in my phone and in my computer. It's such a hassle for me. With Samsung you can share your files with everyone and you have a variety of apps that you can download for free. So I'm sticking with Samsung.
What I like about iphone is its amazing camera and system. I have never experienced an iphone system lag. Compared to samsung, I prefer the fastness of iphone. But what I like best about samsung or the android system is its openness to others. I am not constrained to share pictures and videos to other non-samsung friends. Samsung can share to other brands like LG and others. Another feature of samsung is being OTG capable and I absolutely love it. Whenever I have a file that needs quick editing and is stored in my flash drive, I just connect it to my phone and quickly edit the file. I don't need to open a computer or laptop just to edit as simple as the date.


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Yeah absolutely right! That was I forgot. That was the only thing I do not like about the Iphone, I cannot share my photos from the Iphone of my friend to my phone.


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I was a dedicated iPhone user for YEARS! First one was Iphone 3. However in the last few years I got tired of the proprietary things about Apple phones. From Chargers to Apps. With my Samsung its the same charger that I use for many other non phone devices even.

As for Apps IOS limits what you can put on your device. Android is more open and many more apps available for it.

Also expandable memory. When I made the switch two years ago Apple still did not have expandable memory and Samsung still did. This is a fantastic feature!!!! I was upset they took away replaceable batteries however!


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So applications and chargers were the problem, but what about other things? I'm thinking about moving over to iPhone devices, but i'm not really sure about the performance. Are they actually as good, regarding the performance, as everyone says that they are?
Is it really worth the money?
If not, i would like to know which Samsung would you recommend then? I don't need a gaming phone or a phone with ridiculous amount of crazy apps. Just need a solid, durable and reliable phone for basic needs and music of course :D

Thanks in advance.
Me too was an iPhone fan, my first iPhone was the iPhone 5S. Before, Apple products in my opinion are high-quality and looks simple and clean. Now, I read that iOS 11 have many bugs and doesn't have innovative features. Aside from a lot of restrictions and less things that you can do, iPhones lacks innovative changes per iteration as compared to Samsung. So for me, Samsung wins!


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What exactly did you read about iOS 11 that makes you think that? Can you elaborate on that topic a little bit more please?
Also, how doesn't it have innovative features? I thought it was the best, coolest, most innovative phone ever made, at least for now.
Also what exactly does Samsung have that iPhone doesn't? I would really like to know these things since i am struggling to decide which phone should i get next. Every time i look at a different thread, my mind changes a little bit and i get more confused regarding my decision :D


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Yeah, of course i am doing a research beforehand, I cannot just jump into something new like that and waste a lot of money without knowing what i'm getting my self into :)
Oh, so you are trying to say that i should get an iPhone if i want only a phone with basic functions, but very reliable and durable. And that i should buy Samsung if want cool gadgets and not so important stuff?
Cool insight, brother, first time i'm hearing that, very interesting.
Hi dude, sorry for the late reply, I was busy lately. And yeah you got my point. Buy iPhone if you want reliable basic smartphone that has a good brand. And if you want cool new features and innovations, go with Samsung. Good luck. At the end of the day, they are both not perfect. Choose the phone which you can love its pros as well as its cons.
Both brands of phone do have its pros and cons but to simplify it, for me in terms of security of your data, I really commend iphone brands but since I am an android user, I prefer more samsung since androids are I thinks more user friendly that IOS. Samsung apps and features are more flexible than iphone. In terms of sharing documents with other phone, it is really easy to do with samsung compared with iphone.
I have been an Iphone user for 5 years now. It was my first smart phone. I prefer an Iphone or a Samsung because for me, it is simple and easy to use. I also like it's chic and classy style.


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I prefer Samsung just because it fits my needs. SAMSUNG is an android smartphone and i'm very comfortable using android OS. Also SAMSUNG phones are one of top phones using Android OS.

Android and Samsung actually are a good Hardware & Software combination just like IPhone and IOS. Its just a matter of user comfort ability and choice:).
I prefer Samsung than iPhone because it's easy to use. You can easily update Samsung phone compare to iPhone that requires you to have WiFi connection. Well, apple should consider not all the time phone user has WiFi connection that's why I love Samsung because I can easily update it it using mobile data.
My first phone was Samsung and the phone lasted for I think 4 years, then I switched to an Iphone. The unit was Samsung Corby. I really like it because it's cute and handy. I remember the time wherein the Corby has lotsa cases of different colors involved in their package.

Iphone is so IN for a lot of us because of its features. I do love everything especially the quality of the camera. Though, sometimes I think it's becoming blurry if I use it a lot. But all in all, I would prefer Iphone than Samsung. :)
We're the same! My first phone is also a Samsung, specifically a Samsung S3. Indeed Samsung phones are cute and handy and also competitive when it comes to operating system. At first my Samsung S3 works really fine. But after a couple of months, it started to slow down and sometimes lagging. That's why I switched to an Apple Iphone 6. The security system is super safe, operating system is so fast and not slowing or lagging after I've used it for more than 4 months. For a long term, I prefer Iphone.
I've got an iPhone right now, and I'd say that it's probably my preference simply based on the fact that I'm more at ease with the operating system of the iPhone than I am with android devices. However, in saying that, friends who have Samsungs (or other androids) seem to have some significantly better features than what my iPhone does.

In short, once my contract is up for my current iPhone I'm open to changing over, based on whatever features are available on other phones at the time.
IPhone is the best!(y)
Here are some of the reasons: It's simple. It's easy to use. The display is not complicated. So it's really best if you have a stressful life.;) Iphone is very powerful too. Much faster, camera and audio is very good and even the physical feature is so sturdy. My friend's samsung phone fell off from the sofa once; the damage was so bad. She can't use it already. She check the rate for repair; it was so expensive. She bought again a new samsung phone. Her son accidentally dropped it off. Boom! Same thing happened. She was so impressed when I told her about my iphone. It fell off from the 1st floor of our house. Nothing happened. My toddler threw it many times.:eek: Still it's okay. Those things happened 2 years ago and until now, I'm still enjoying my iphone.:p
It would be best also if your family members are using iphones too. You can do family sharing with the purchases in App Stores and itunes. You can sync in easily as well if some or all of your gadgets are Apple.:cool: So, it's just cool.
Currently I am using iPhone 7 but I was not satisfied. I think samsung is better than iphone because of many reasons. One of which is that samsung is a user friendly gadget. You can exchange files, videos or music in any android operating phone, whether it is a samsung or not. Unlike in iphone that you cannot exchange files to other smartphones but only to other iphone users. That's frustrating, isn't it.
I prefer Samsung phones because its friendly user. You can transfer files easily, not like Iphone you have to use Iphone to Iphone only. You can easily update Samsung phones compare to Iphone. Though, the iphone had its great security system I still prefer Samsung phones. :)
I've been an iPhone user for about 7 years now and I'm satisfied with it. I had a iPhone 4 then but was stolen at our shop. I bought iPhone5 the following month and I'm still using it now. Its actually a durable phone. I just had a battery replacement last two years but nothing more to repair for. My husband had change his phone twice but I'm still using this same phone. I remember that he had an S4 which was broken after a year due to motherboard issue.

For me, I had to go with iPhone as it was tried and tested for its durability and high value.


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I prefer iPhone since it is less possible for it to crash, freeze, stop, design is great, leaves you a lot of options to do it how you want it and is much more technologically advanced than Samsung, in my opinion.I had iPhones for the past 4 years and the only thing that I was not satisfied with it was the repair cost.


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I prefer Samsung. I find it more user friendly than Iphone. Hubby owns an iphone and he always curse it (lol!) because he needs to update it from time to time.
It's true thay iphone's camera is great but there are Samsung models even other android brands that has very nice camera too.
I think iOS is more user-friendly than Android. The GUI of an iOS device is more organize than an Android phone. And regarding to system update of an iPhone. It's not actually mandatory for you to install the update. It's your choice whether you like to update your system or not. However, some apps will stop working on lower version but same goes to Android.
I have a Samsung and love it. So easy and intuitive to use which I really don't find with the iphone. Also I like going on it in the bath/pool and like not having to worry about dropping it. The expandable memory is also great.


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There is no doubt Samsung has a lot of qualities over most of the phones and, in some cases, over an iPhone, too.
Things you mentioned are true, but Android crashes a lot and is not very good for a higher tasks.
iPhone might be expensive and limited when it comes down to apps and developers but it does hell of a job when it comes down to being safe and it is more powerful than some computers.Newer versions of iPhone, of course.
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