What is the best smartphone for you?

Well each of us differs on how we define phones the best. Each of us has an opinion whether or the other is different. Some of us may prefer apple while others will choose android.
For me, it’s Samsung Galaxy 8. It has a longer display now 5.8 inches. Also, it has an excellent camera, fast new chipset, and good battery life. The large, bezel-less display is truly iconic and beautiful, and the screen quality excellent. It has improved battery life and tweaked camera will be among the best you'll find on the top-end flagship. How about you?


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I'm in a dilemma, cannot really decide between Samsung Galaxy 8 and the brand new iPhone X. They are both so far in front of the others, that it is hard to choose. I think i am leaning over the the iPhone X side only because of the aesthetics part. It's such a beautiful phone and i have never been a fan of the round, soft looking Samsung. But it's still a very close race :D


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I would just go for the Samsung. iPhones are already so expensive and both phones are practically the same. You're paying more just for the Apple logo and the aestethics. I don't know, maybe there's more to this iPhone than the Samsung one, but in my opinion, looks are not a valid reason to pay at least an extra hundred bucks.


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I own an iPhone for few years and would say it is my favorite.It is simple, of good quality, does not crash a lot and I like the design.
I do not like that if there is a damage on it, it usually costs more than for an android one but I would still go with an iPhone over Samsung.
As for me, I prefer having an iPhone since I will never be afraid whenever I lost it or someone steal it from me because of it's security features. One time, my phone fell inside a public comfort room and I didn't notice it and unfortunately someone took it. I get worry at first but I call my friend to reach for my phone and alarm it as stolen. After a day, I reach my phone back but unfortunately it was already disabled because of trying to unlike it many times.
I like iphone among other brands because of it's classy look and design. I like it's solid heavy weight. It feels comfortable and doesn't feel like holding a mobile toys. The camera is of good quality. I like it's auto focus capacity and detailed captured.The sound is also of high standard. I also like the security features and it's ability to update/upgrade their IOS for the old model.
My sprecifications in considering a good mobile phone is a very complex one because I want a long battery life. So that I can use tge phone in a long time, its performance is also a bug factor so I want a mobile phone that has a high RAM and a good chipset like snapdragon for smooth interface into the device. The price is also a main concern, a mid class phone even a high end phone is what I want in a affordable price. For me it is Asus.


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Not so long ago, before android phones and iPhones were not so popular. Nokia's N70 was my daily driver. Its 2 mega pixel camera captures amazing photos even then. I can use Facebook and Messenger. I can also play nice games without eating too much memory. It play videos on Youtube too. I can aslo navigate through Google Maps. Almost the basic things we nowadays on our smartphones can be done by my N70. It was by far the best phone for me. Unfortunately, I had to buy the newer smartphones (an android) because N70 cannot load well files like PDF which I usually use during college days.
For me, Huawei is the best smartphone. I actually used Huawei for almost 2 years now and until now all I can say is a perfect phone for me.
I agree! You might wanna consider Huawei if your looking for a budget phone with good exterior look and specs. :)

I honestly bought a Huawei mate 10 lite, also know as Huawei Nova i2 here in the Philippines, on the day it was release on October 2017 for only 15,999 pesos which is around $300 . I got it with a lot of freebies like wireless speaker, bluetooth earphone and a power-bank. And so far, all these gadgets are still properly working until now.

Huawei mate 10 lite (Nova i2) is light and thin, so handy. I like how big the screen is for maximum photo and video viewing. Great capture experience with the front and back camera. Can store up to 64GB , and as of now I have 1000+ photos, 100+ apps and more. And I'm impress as how it is still running smoothly and fast today. Though, battery is just an average that can standby for 3 days or 8 hours of web browsing.

Here's a photo of Huawei mate 10 with a full specification:

You can also check other smartphones with an awesome 360 degree view , full specifications and its current price in the market down the link below. Good luck! (y)
As of now, the best brand of smartphone for me is Samsung (specially Note 9). Even though many speculations are coming (Note 9), I think it can bring justifications in terms of the specification shown. Samsung take Galaxy Note 9 to higher level with it's classy design and they not took a dangerous venture (not just like Note 7) with life battery issue, but they've made a very huge gap with the competitors in terms of performance and quality.
I'm sort of a magpie when it comes to this, I get awwed and wooed by shiny new features, usually related to the aesthetic of the phone. When the S6 Edge came out I was utterly head over heels over both the edge design and the high screen resolution. Later when the S8/iPhone X came I was taken in by the bezel-less design, and it's currently what I really want in a phone. So lately I've been looking at the OnePlus 6, since by all reviews its an excellent phone - if 'only' boasting a 1920x1080 screen, and has that sweet, sweet bezel-less design.

Although, if rumors about an upcoming foldable Samsung are true, my heart may be won over yet again.
I consider buying Samsung Note 9 today because of its amazing look, innovative features, a trusted brand still after what happened to the previous model and the cost is still something reasonable. :)
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Samsung is the best for me. I used these for so long because i know what samsung can give you satisfaction while using it. I love these. And i wont change any smartphones cause there no like samsung?
Samsung Galaxy 8 is the new model I love too. Its features are just superb. It serves you well and gives you a run for your money

An old model I loved was Motorolla. I forgot the model but it was good and its battery was durable. It is not like the androids of today.
Samsung is the best smart phone for me. As one of the leading innovators in mobile phone manufacturing, this company offers latest android technology with a competitive price in the market. Its user interface are simple and easy to use regardless of model of the unit. Also, Samsung phones offers a wide variety of quality camera phones which can be used for taking selfies and recording videos.
Well, in my opinion everyone of us has a different choice or taste when it comes to smartphones. It depends also on the needs of the user. But for me, the best smartphone so far that I had encounter is ASUS ZENFONE 4 MAX. The capacity of its battery is up to 5000mah which is best for gaming and internet surfing. Also, it has a 13MP dual camera at the back and 8MP front camera. And I'm proudly using this phone for almost one year. I believe, this phone will last longer.


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When buying smartphone I consider three things as a major deciding factor, one is the RAM (Random Access Memory) the higher the RAM the faster the phone is, RAM will support multi-tasking and will run all apps including games with high graphic requirements smoothly with no lag. The second thing to consider is the processor, I will usually go for the latest Snapdragon processor, the 845 series is very reliable for optimum performance. Galaxy S9 and S9 plus in the United States comes with this processor. Last but not the least, you must consider the battery Mah, I will go for at least 4,000 mah to support my heavy usage of smartphones. The higher the Mah the better specially when you are an outgoing person and you hate to charge your smartphones that often. The Samsung galaxy C9 pro with Snapdragon 435 has also great features you can purchase this instead of S9 when you are low on budget.


First you have to decide, what kind of smartphone do you want. If you want Iphone apps then the only choice is the Iphone. If you want apps but not an Iphone then your only best choice is an Android phone. There is also the Blackberry's but they don't have as many apps and Nokia smart phones have the Symbian operating system with their own apps. Also there are the Window's mobile smartphones. In order of popularity for smartphones with Apps. The Iphone is number one, and second would be the Samsung Galaxy series of android phones. One of the best Android smartphones on AT&T right now is the Samsung Captivate.
I would say the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime would be the best phone, it is really cheap and affordable and performs very well. It can play high-quality video with great audio, the screen is big enough to satisfy the average person. The only downside is its storage.
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