Are smartphones best for Vlogging?

Guys, I wanna be a vlogger. But I dont have enough money to buy DSLR or GoPro. Instead of buying Gopro or DSLR. I wanna buy smartphone. Phones are more useful than just camera. Can you guys help me what should the best Smartphone for Vlogging and also affordable too?? Thanks


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You can use smartphones when you're vlogging. Especially if you do not have the money to buy expensive cameras and equipments that are used by vloggers. I am a youtuber too, I just use smartphones now and my ringlight is just a flashlight and it's okay too. It depends on the content of your vlogs, they do not look at the quality of your camera, because they watch your vlogs because they want to know the concept of having your vlog site.
Why not.
Today camera of smartphones is great and it gave the quality of images such as a real camera and that is why you should use a smartphone for your hobby Vlogging :)
I heard some good feedback's from popular Vloggers regarding their used of smartphones as their main tools. Feature and application wise you may find an equivalent match for GoPro. Just be sure with your plan and check out for the best phone that could provide your needs during Vlogging. I would suggest iPhone X or Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra because of its camera.
Do you have any idea what kind of phone that is good for vlogging? Any brand? You know. Good quality microphone pick ups, steady quality camera pixels for video, huge amount of memory. RAM too. Things like that? Its better to ask someone who actually use some high technology smartphones. Aside from just reading phones brochures.
Excellent for Vlogging, smartphone cameras like the S9 and the P20 have phenomenal cameras, and vlogging doesn't require anything super hardcore when it comes to video quality, I'd be more concerned about audio quality than video. The Oneplus 6 has a pretty solid camera and is a reasonably priced too, and with the 6T likely dropping soon it'd be even more affordable.
There are a lot of mobile phones with excellent cameras using which you can definitely do your Vlogging. Recently i saw an ad of some mobile phone which is going to replace the cameras that are used by the Live news channels. That is how powerful the mobile cameras are right now. Definitely it will be very good and you should try it out. All the best for your Vlogging to be successful.
Well, it depends on the mega pixels of your phone, if it has a high mega pixels and a goos resolution, I think you can use that phone for blogging.


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You know that for me you dont need to get a good camera or a best smarphone just to take a clear photo or vlog. You just be yourself, they do not look at the good quality of camera's you have just to hide something but the only thing what is they looking is the good information you can share or a moments you are taking. As long as your happy of what you doing they more get attentions and surely will they enjoy while they are watching your vlog.
I echo every opinion here that says you could log with a smartphone. Not only do smartphone cameras have adequate quality but the phone itself may serve as the device you will use to edit and upload the videos, thus, you not only pay for a camera but a portable computer as well. One thing to consider is the quality of the FRONT facing camera. If you will be vlogging, you will very likely need to see yourself when you frame your shots and use the front camera. The common case is for the front camera to have lesser quality than the rear but in some cases the front is equal if not better. It is these models that would be advisable for creating a blog.
For me yes. Unless you have the latest gadget nothing is impossible with your blog. As long as your phone can maximize the features of what are are you looking for, all I can say is yes! Very easy to handle and more features to choose from.
A smartphone would be a great way of starting out your vlog. The portability and versatility that a phone provides over using a more expensive camera might even make it a better choice overall. You lose out on image quality but you get to bring your phone anywhere you want, something that you can't do with a more expensive camera.
Honestly using smartphones for a start is okay. Especially if you have no enough money yet in setting up a vlog. And there are good video quality smart phones you can use intending for those things. But for it being the best, maybe not. Still a good camera will make the best out of your vlogging. Unless the content of your vlog is the review of those smart phone's performance. You should upgrade to have a quality camera to get quality videos for your vlog.
I agree. This is especially the case for people in developing nations like mine where a lot of people have little access to professional cameras. The ones which can be accessed are super expensive and those with the talent or content to make videos can simply not afford. A lot of the Vloggers I know use smartphones for this reason.


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Vlogging with your smartphones may not be as good as quality cameras output, but it will work if you have the right gear and set-up to get a fine result. You'll need a microphone- I tried vlogging using just a regular smartphone but the audio quality is very poor. You would also like to turn on airplane mode. You don't like it when an incoming call interrupted your video recording, and it saves the battery power.


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There are a number of mainstream movies which were shot on iPhones.

Unsane is a good example. So it certainly is possible to use a smartphone for vlogging. I have to mention though that the best phones for vlogging would be the high end phones like an iPhone or Pixel 2 XL.

Since you are seeking something cheaper, I would recommend the HTC U 11. It's not that cheap though.

p.s You could opt to buy a pre-owned or refurbished high end device which will be a lot cheaper.


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Let's see here. A smartphone these days can make awesome videos, allow you to immediatly post your vlogs, and given that you can find the proper software, you should be able to download a video editor to spice up your videos before posting.
Yeah, smartphones are excellent for vlogs.

There are benefits to a GoPro, like that you can record while having both hands free and that you can cover it, so a lower risk of it being stolen.
I think it's a great option since it is very portable. Because of the advancement of technology today it has improved its own quality and be able to produce high-quality records and great audio.
Using smartphone for vlogging isn't a bad idea. In fact, it can produce a good quality videos. However, for you to have a good quality videos from your smartphone, you need to have a smartphone with a good quality camera. And those smartphones are kind of expensive.

I actually have a youtube channel featuring my travel videos shot on an iPhone 5S. And the quality of the videos were actually good. So, I would recommend you to choose an iPhone 5S or even a 6S.
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