Fuchsia and the future of Android

Google Fuchsia is an operating system being developed by Google, first known in 2016, which is said to be the future of Android in five years more.

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What is Fuchsia?
Fuchsia is an open source and open source Google-based operating system designed to integrate two of Google's existing operating system platforms - Android (for phones, tablets) and Chrome (for phones). used for laptops, desktop computers). Launched in 2016, the operating system is still in development, but has received a lot of attention from users around the world.

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Features of Fuchsia
As a unified operating system between the two mobile platforms and computers, of course Fuchsia can run well on Google Play Store apps, and it's also powered by a powerful desktop software suite. , as well as support large screen devices large screen times, using the mouse or touch screen. Thanks to this integration, Google can easily synchronize calls, messages, contacts, calendar entries across devices without any problems.

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Fuchsia's interface
Support for touch screen and screen using the mouse, the interface on the operating system is also neat, good support for touching and following the rules of Material Design of Google.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Fuchsia
Owning the largest mobile platform in the world right now, along with the enormous amount of apps that come with the Play Store, Google is confident that Fuchsia will inherit huge mobile users. On the other side is also the challenge that Fuchsia has to overcome that is the amount of laptop users, computer desk. The number of applications, desktop support software Fuchsia is almost zero, hopefully with its "open", Fuchsia will attract many programmers willing to create good software support for computers.

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Release date
Still, Fuchsia has not officially launched yet, some rumors suggest that Google will introduce Fuchsia as a trial by the end of 2019 and that it will officially replace Android about 5 years more, in 2024.

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Hopefully through this article you will know more about Fuchsia, a very potential operating system from Google. If you have any questions leave a comment below.


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Wow that's great information, i have heard of Fuchsia and it's very promising. When you think about Google Handling this product you expect an integrated platform and fast network system. I guess we still need to wait for us to experience it's power.
This article is very interesting. I haven't heard about this Google Fuchsia. Well, if this one is true,I'm really excited about it. As you mention above, Google Fuchsia has a lot better features than Android. I think this Os is very anticipated one.
Google seems planning to build a "cartel", I'm wondering what's next for android USER's and those people who's planning to buy the latest Samsung Galaxy Jean, I'm sure it will be a big impact and if there's like an app or tool for Android to Fuchsia update it will trend on a global scale. I'm exited with Apple's plan too.


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I don't quite understand Fuchsia, can someone explain it a bit more? Because what I get out of this is that Fuchsia is something to make windows work on android and the other way around as well, but I'm pretty sure that's not what it actually does when it will release.

Also, is this (or will this be) downloadable software or just something that automatically changes for everyone?
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