With Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor Night Light, You Will Never Bump Your Foot in The Night


Aug 3, 2018
Mi IR night light is equipped with an infrared motion sensor with up to 120-degree and 7-meter motion detection range. Using advanced photosensitive sensor and human infrared sensor technology with anti-infrared interference function, the sensor instantly reacts to the movement and turns on the light. It will last 15 seconds after you walk out of the sensing area. The Mi IR light is powered by batteries and making it a low power consumption, energy-saving and environment-friendly device.

Product Features:
● Extraordinary Sensing Function
120-degree sensing angle and sensing distance is 5 to 7 meters. Adopting light-sensitive and body infrared induction technology, the light can turn on automatically in the dark environment, 15 seconds duration, with anti-infrared jamming function.
● Two Brightness Modes
There are two brightness modes to switch: with 0.7 lumens mode and 3.8 lumens mode, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.
● Extremely Low Power Consumption
Powered by 3 x AA battery, free you from socket trouble. The choice of ultra-low power consumption of the sensing program ensures only 0.25mW power consumption when in standby mode. 0.7 lumens mode can be used for about 12 months, 3.8 lumens mode can be used for about 6 months time.
● Safe Environmental Material
Selecting environmental-friendly ABS material and high-density polyethylene material, the light has a small body with flexibility, which is more durable, practical and safer.
● No Socket Constraint
With 3m glue on its back, you can stick it on wardrobe, stairs, bedside, etc. And it has an adjustable hook, provides brightness for you anytime.
● Soft Warm Light
2700K color temperature without visible strobe lights, protect the vision of your eyes especially your baby's eyes.
● Cool Lampshade
Total reflection structure of fish scales, can make the light equably reflect to the diffusion shell, provide a good visual experience for families.
● Freshnel Ultra-thin Lens
Equipped with a Freshnel ultra-thin lens which enhances the performance of the sensor.
● Minimalist Design Adds Unique Flavor to Life
The light adhering to minimalist design style, external soft round design encounters silkily-touching edge, easily matches with a variety of furniture style.

When talking about an ordinary night lamp that turns on when motion is detected, it wouldn't gain much attention from most human beings. Fortunately this is not just a night lamp running on AA batteries, it is an original Xiaomi Mijia night light! Never bump your foot in the middle of the night again for it can be put anywhere in your home. Apply coupon code "MIYSENSOR" on GearVita to get this night light with the price of $7.99: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mijia-yeelight-sensor-night-light.html

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