Turn your smartphone into a professional camcorder

The upgrade of some accessories will help smartphone can shoot better, not inferior to professional camcorders. You can use your smartphone and some accessories such as Gimbal (anti-shake device), removable lens instead of a dedicated camcorder to save money.

Use handheld equalizer
When filming on a smartphone in the usual way (hand held), most videos will vibrate if you move frequently. Currently, there are many types of Gimbal for smartphone with all models and brands, but simple and easy to use, it must mention the Smooth Q with the price of about 3 million. This is the cheapest Gimbal today with three-axis anti-vibration system, can attach various types of smartphone, orange action with different size and maximum load capacity up to 220 g.
Smooth Q has a fairly compact design, including a joystick, power on/off switch and switch mode. Before you use it, attach your smartphone or cam action to Gimbal, then adjust your balance manually to minimize battery drainage due to over-vibration motor damage. The Smooth Q supports up to three different modes, including Pan Following (which allows the smartphone to rotate left and right, rotate up or down), Following (user-defined rotation), and Locking the shaft and only rotate in the right direction), to switch you just press the Mode button one, two or three times.
If you want to use advanced features such as Time-lapse, Slow motion, Moving time lapse, Livestream...users need to install additional ZY Play app for iPhone or Zhiyun Assistant if using Android devices.

ZY Play.png

Upgrade the lens
Basically, the camera on the smartphone usually does not have the ability to zoom close (macro) or wide angle. In this case, you need to equip the external lens of Aukey, Orea ... at a price of several hundred thousand.
Wide angle lens will help to enlarge the frame, which is suitable for shooting scenes or selfie with your group. Normally, the lenses will have aperture from 0.67x to 0.36x, the smaller the number the greater the aperture. Similarly, the macro lens will give you close-up shots of tiny objects such as water droplets, pistils, insects...at extremely close distances (1-4 cm) depending on the lens in use. At this distance, the camera on the phone will not capture the focus, so you will need the help of a macro lens. The following close-ups still retain clarity and clarity, and some even support the removal of backgrounds. There are also zoom lenses, fisheye to meet remote filming needs or want a special viewing angle.

Install more supported apps
The default camera app on smartphones usually has very few features, so users should install some free software like Musemage (iOS) or Musemage (Android). The interface of the application is quite professional, supports many modes such as Blue Screen (background separation), Magic Color (change the color of objects), Manual (fine-tuning manual parameters), Time-Lapse and Stop Motion . When you click on the wand icon in the top right corner, you will see dozens of filters in the old, classic, black and white color...and the effects of removing fonts, paintings, manga, snow, rain. . During filming, you can click the Pause button to pause the scene or segment, which will help reduce post-harvest operations and save space. Basically, this feature is quite useful if you regularly use iPhone to shoot movies.

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What about those accessory camera devices, that help not only stabilize the video/photo but also increase to zoom quantity and the camera quality? I was thinking about something like this in the picture below.

Besides that, great post, really helpful and useful. There's a lot of camera enthusiasts around here and this post will most certainly help a lot of them. Not having the actual camera and being "forced" to work only with your phone can really be a hard thing to deal with.
Good job and see you around the forum, my friend :)
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