How to turn a smartphone into a wireless speaker for your computer

Nowadays, smartphones in general and Android devices in particular, manufacturers developed features and turn it into something that sometimes you do not even think about. For example, in this post, with just a smartphone in your hand, you can turn it into a wireless speaker, connect it remotely with your computer to listen to music or watch movies. This is especially useful when suddenly one day you open up your computer and discover that computer speakers are not working. To make it easy to do, you need an application that bridge the phone and computer called AudioRelay through an internet connection.

Guide to turn your smartphone into a wireless speaker for your PC

To connect your smartphone to a wireless speaker, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get over, go to Google Play store and type in the AudioReplay keyword in the search bar to download the app to your phone. Or, click link below to download the app faster.

Dowload: AudioRelay: Stream audio from PC (Unreleased).
Note that AudioReplay is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and has a relatively small capacity of 7MB only.

Step 2: Install AudioRelay software on your computer by visiting the AudioRelay homepage at Next, select Windows to download and proceed with the installation.

turn a smartphone into a wireless speaker for your computer 1.png

Step 3: After installing successfully on your computer, open AudioRelay and wait for confirmation of AudioRelay on android. If the connection is successful, you will see the Android device name under the AudioReplay window.

turn a smartphone into a wireless speaker for your computer 2.png

Because the connection is out, AudioRelay can be blocked by Windows firewall or anti-virus software, when you have to choose Allow access or allow the application to connect out (Or off antivirus software and make connection).

turn a smartphone into a wireless speaker for your computer 3.png

Step 4: On the device, select the computer name and wait until the computer accepts the connection. If Stop appears, you have successfully connected.

turn a smartphone into a wireless speaker for your computer 4.png

So, we have just completed the steps to turn the phone into a wireless speaker for the computer. Just go with 4 these steps as above that you can play sound from computer to smartphone then. However, to improve experience when using you should note a few points below:
- AudioRelay can only transmit audio from your computer to your Android device when you connect to a Wi-Fi network.
- To stop broadcasting on your computer, simply close the AudioRelay window.
- In case of failure connection is mainly caused by the virus killer, please temporarily turn off it for a few minutes until the connection is successful then re-enable.
- AudioRelay is still in the testing process so many times the operation is not really stable.

Hope you enjoy this app and good luck!
Wow that was a good information. I was planning to buy a wireless connector for my speaker. But that was awesome idea. I never thought there is app in store for that function.


New member
So an Internet connection is needed for this? I don't know about you guys, but I don't like giving a website that kind of permission.
I prefer using Soundwire app, it does the the thing by connecting Android phone with PC through WiFi.


Active member
Hey, that's actually a nice thing to do. Especially for guys like me, who use the computer more often than their smartphones. It's that I have a speaker for my computer, otherwise I would totally do it. I'll just keep this thread close, in case the speaker dies on me, and I need a new one (or a now cheap and easy replacement).
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