Afrione 2in1 Tablet


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Have anyone heard about this android tablet product? It's the first Nigerian android tablet production and it looks good from my understanding. It has android 6.0 version and 32 gigabytes internal memory, 10 inches screen size, 2 gigabytes RAM. It's battery capacity is 6000 mAh and runs on a Quad-core processor at the speed of 1.3 GHz.

This is a very good gadget in my opinion and it's worth buying.
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Afrione 2in1 Tablet? I have never heard about this table before. What is its price?

2 gigabytes RAM. It's battery capacity is 6000 mAh and runs on a Quad-core processor at the speed of 1.3 GHz.
I afraid that these configuration will be weak to use for a long time because with its display screens then 6000 mAh just could use for a few hours or just a light games can play on Quad-core processor at the speed of 1.3 GHz, if you play heavy games then it can be lag or games can not be loaded.


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The cost of the tablet around $180 depending on the location/country of the buyer. So far, I haven't had any issues with using the tablet to play games or music. I have one online football manager game which I play with the device and it works perfectly fine without any hitches.

It can play music for more than 42 hours without going off. The only thing that drains it battery life faster is when I watch movies with it but it can still last for more than 6 hours of movies watching.


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In my opinion, its a pretty good product(y). I would recommend it to students who needs flexible media device with all the features of the smartphone. I also think that it will be a good help on presentations and on the go peps. The price range is good in accordance with the hardware specifications. But of course we need to know some reviews from others users, to get a clear view of the user experience of the product. Overall , i like the product:).
It looks great. The gig is high and RAM has 2 gigs, good enough for work, though not sure on games. Also, I still do have doubts about it since its new to me. Unless there are people who have testimonies regarding this gadget. But honestly, it looks great.


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Wait, this thing is only $180? Wow, that is pretty crazy considering how good it is. Also, regarding the aesthetics, it is absolutely beautiful. Looking very elegant, classy and smooth. It is also amazing how it is the first Nigerian tablet, that is a good way to promote your country and to contribute to it. Can it be ordered online? I am interested.
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