Which is better Xiomi or Samsung?

XiaoMi, aka "Mi" phone, is a Chinese brand that's fairly new in the market. While their models look great, it depends on each customer's needs. So before asking which brand is better, maybe I should ask these questions first: What do I mostly use the phone for? Am I into mobile gaming, taking pictures and videos, downloading files or just plain browsing? Then I compare the models. Say, a XiaoMi Redmi Note 5 Pro versus a Samsung Galaxy J7. Then I look for the specs that I need and compare the 2 products, let's say based on their OS version or their screen display size. Then I decide. Another thing I consider in comparing phones to buy is also the access to the service centers. Samsung is a globally recognized brand with lots of service centers to go to, in case the phone needs to be fixed.


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Yes. I heard from many Xiaomi users that their Xiaomi phones gives serves them well and never fails them whenever they are using it. Hearing those things from quite a lot of users in facebook group discussions, especially in mobile game type of facebook forum are a considerably reliable source. Most of them says that they never had any problem when it comes to their Xiaomi phone's performance in gaming.Not to mention that Xiaomi has a very competetive to a very cheap price with having the same specs as those popular brands that are almost double in price range.

I can as well assure you that Samsung phones are very durable and has excellent performance. The brand is tested and carrying a good reputation with its name. But it has a quite higher price range than the other brands out there. Well if you have the money and still want to stick with the tested one, then you can go with samsung and you will get what you paid for.
I'm planning to buy a new phone. And I've been using samsung brand since then. But I've heard that Xiomi brand is also good.
I am using a Xiaomi Product and also this is the same phone I am using in playing games, so far I haven't encountered any bad issue or negative impact about my phone. I am also played games using my Samsung phone before so for me based on my experience I choose the Xiaomi phone..


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Both Xiaomi and Samsung phones have their own fair share of pros and cons.But for me, I will choose samsung because aside from it's old age having a history with phones ranging in the market,it is the largest smartphone maker in the world.
It's a plus 1 for Xiaomi Brand. I've heard so much good reviews about brand and I can say it's making a name in the world of Smartphones. I've heard a better specifications with cheaper price compared Samsung but also with a very good quality, if I'm going to buy a new phone I would love to try Xiaomi.

Try Xiaomi and you'll probably love it.
I am using Xiomi Redmi 4x. I bought it at a very cheap price since it was discounted at an online store. I am using it for almost 2 years now. So far so great. It's very smooth for gaming. I am using it to play ML, AOV and ROS. Mine is small though. Don't worry, they have bigger ones which I think have better specs. I can't say that it's better than Samsung overall since I haven't owned a Samsung phone before. But price wise, I think Xiomi is a better choice.
Xiaomi is getting bigger and bigger nowadays, but it keeps the prices low. The only problem is the low quality of their phones since it's a Chinese brand with low cost manufacturing.
Samsung on the other hand is often overpriced for their devices even if they're ok.

I would suggest getting a Xiaomi so you can get another phone in a year or so.


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Individual differences and preferences would always be a deciding factor in one choosing between the two products as being the better product. What suits Mr. A might not necessarily suit Mr. B.

So therefore, if I'm to choose between the two products - Xiaomi and Samsung, I would be going with Samsung products. It's what I have come to feel comfortable with when it comes to android devices.
Me, too! I'll go for Samsung for they have proved their durability through the years and Samsung centers are readily accessible in our place. But in the end, it'll rely on your choice since we have our own preferences and specifications that we look for phones.
Both of two are really good but for I prefer to samsung phone made because this is most common on me. Since I was young I still samsung phone up to know and think this is the best for me.
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