Best android emulator for low end PC?

Can you tell me what is the best android emulator for low end pc? I am looking for one to play android games on my PC but I am confused because there are so many apps for this out there. I need an advice or your vote for which app is the best to do this. Many thanks!
Hey @Maxwell Games and applications on the Android phone are increasingly invested in graphics and features to provide a great experience for users. But playing games on smartphones sometimes cause disadvantages such as eyestrain, hot device or broken the screen. Fortunately, you can use Android OS emulator to play games on your Windows PC, you can experience on the big screen, use mouse, keyboard and it does not harm your smartphone. In this post, I will recommend you a list of 10 best Android emulator for low end PC.

1. MEmu
Price: Free

MEmu is an emerging name when it comes to the list of best Android emulators. It boasts complete compatibility with Intel and AMD processors, the latest version of which has updated Android 5.0 to Loillipop, helping you experience the latest applications without supporting for the session. Older Android. MEmu comes with root function and a complete toolbar with tons of functions and features. It's not bloated, has high performance, is a good replacement for other Android emulators, especially when you want to play games or working.


2. BlueStacks Android Emulator
Price: Free, contain ads

Bluestacks is the most famous name in the Android emulator field on Windows. Overall, Bluestacks are fast, stable, well-behaved and have many modern features. It installs the Google Play Store app store, adds external games, vibrates the screen, locates, streams live games to Facebook, and supports full-screen mode. If you're using a high-end PC, good graphics support, BlueStacks is a good choice. In addition to requiring high-end computer configuration, BlueStacks also "catch" users to view ads to download games and often encounter bugs.


3. NoxPlayer or Nox App Player
Price: Free

Next one is Nox, like BlueStacks, Nox is one of the Android emulators for PCs designed to serve gamers. It has extra features and extra features to help gamers control the game using the keyboard, mouse. Specifically, Nox allows simulating gestures when playing games on the phone with a keyboard and mouse. For example, assign the right swipe to the right arrow. This brings more fun to the Android game lovers. Nox does his job quite well and is free.

Nox App Player.jpg

4. Android emulator AMIDuOS
Price: Free trial, $10, $15

AMIDuOS is a relatively new Android emulator on Windows. It comes in two versions: Lollipop ($10) and Jelly Bean ($15). You only pay one-time costs for a lifetime product. AMIDUOS runs very well. It works smoother, productive and gaming well. Most users can use AMIDuOS to do all works as they do on their smartphone. Although its not able to meet the needs of application developers on smatphones, but AMIDUOS can satisfy the popular Android users by its features and good performance.


5. Andy or Andy OS
Price: Free

This free Android emulator can be a good replacement for BlueStacks. It can simulate various aspects of the Android operating system on computer such as launcher, install and play games, use high-performance applications, and even set up root access if needed. As a result, you can try new features, install additional software, applications that you want to experience but not secure enough without affecting the phone.

Andy OS.jpg

6. Genymotion
Price: Free of charge options

This emulator targets developers who want to test their apps and games on a variety of Android devices without actually owning them. It is possible to configure the emulator for many devices with different versions of Android to suit the needs of testing. For example, run Nexus One with Android 4.2 or Nexus 6 with Android 6.0. The choice depends on you and can be easily converted between the devices. Because the installation and configuration process is a bit more complicated than other emulators, Genymotion does not fit in with the regular user, using the emulator only to check email and play games. But Genymotion offers free services for personal use, so if you want you can still experience this app.


7. KoPlayer
Price: Free

KoPlayer is like AMIDUOS, the new Android emulator on Windows. KoPlayer targets users as gamers. You can use the keyboard mapping feature to simulate a gaming console with a computer keyboard. Players can also record games and upload them to any video sharing site. The installation process is simple, works well and easy to use.


8. Android Droid4X or Android4X emulator
Price: Free

Although Droid4X is not really well known and not PR as strong as other Android emulators, Droid4X is gaining popularity of the user community. Once you have used Droid4X you will not want to try out any other Android emulators. It's even more appreciated than BlueStacks because it's handy, lightweight, works well on moderately configured computers, does not require additional software, ad views, support for external game installations. Play Store with .apk file, video recording while gaming, screen zoom and many other great features for gaming. The user experience of Droid4X is rapidly increasing in recent time. If you are an Android fan then try Droid4X right now.


9. Jar of Beans
Price: Free

This Android emulator is highly valued thanks to the ability to handle heavy games, graphics applications. Jar of Beans does not require installation, supports hardware acceleration manager to improve overall performance. Although the original interface of Jar of Beans can make new users feel it a little "learn" but just one click to switch to the familiar Android interface. And then playing game or checking messages is not a problem.

Jar of Beans.jpg

10. Remix OS Player
Price: Free

Remix OS Player, or shortly called Remix OS, was developed by Jide, also a new member in Android emulator group on the computer. It is just android simulator running Marshmallow instead of Android Lollipop or Kit Kat. The installation process is simple and easy to use. It's designed to be the main game, so you'll have a variety of options to customize your gaming experience to your liking. Unfortunately, currently, Remix OS only supports AMD processors.

Remix OS Player.jpg

Hope it helps!
For your question, I have the better answer.
Speaking about my recommendation for an android emulator to use in low-end pc, I will definitely recommend "BLUESTACK" it is one of the most trusted and efficient android emulators for pc. I have personally used it. It works perfectly. You can download it for free if you search around the internet for some time you could download it easily.
I recommend you to have NoxPlayer emulator. I have been using this for years and it has the best performance in terms of speed and stability for me com compared to Bluestacks and Memu. Some of the well known YouTubers who play Multi Online Battle Arena Games like Mobile Legends use this appllication. It has a good graphical user interface as well. You won't get bored with how much you can do with this app.



I think it will be better for you to try this out and see how well it will work in your computer.
Here is the link.




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Quick question out of curiousity: You say that Nox has better stability and speed than Bluestacks, but I've tried both of them and to me, they're quite the same on those levels. I'm wondering why Nox is better than? I mean, unless one of them works better for Windows or Mac, but I don't think either app has a preference for devices and brands.
Try using BlueStacks. It's the most popular Android emulator out there, plus it is absolutely free. It can run both on Windows and Mac. It has more function offered compared to the commercial emulators.
There are a lot of Android Emulators for PC out there and I think that most them are good and can run on PC's that has low specification however I would suggest that you try NOX emulator, I have downloaded it and have played some Android games like Mobile Legends and Clash of Clans on my Dual Core PC and NOX did well. It's stable and the interface isn't that complex, however and I don't know if it's also the same case with the other emulators because I can only speak for NOX, there were some lag issues so it isn't that smooth at all however it's just minimal and somehow you can still have a great time playing those Android games on PC.

BlueStacks is one of the best emulators with what to play dozens of Android games on PC. Considering that there are so many emulators for PC this days, Bluestacks is ranked if not number 1 in all emulators for PC. One of the things I like best about Bluestacks is that other Android emulators, such as Andy, you are not forced to run the program in full-screen mode or a fixed-sized window. You can re-adjust the window on the go, and the app will adjust accordingly. From the Bluestacks icon in the Windows bar, you can also set the same resolution of your Bluestacks and DPI you want for the window. Best for low-end PCs with Windows XP with at least 2-gigabyte ram. I hope this will help.


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I don't think that a low end PC can even run an emulator. At least try to upgrade your RAM or graphic card so that you can run it. AMIDuOS is the one emulator that i'm absolutely sure is the best of them all. At least the best that i have ever used. There are some handicaps tho, like the fact that you cannot connect to the internet through the emulator. But everything else works perfectly :)
You can use NOX app player as your android emulator for your pc. It runs perfectly for me and they only have some minor bugs but not so irritating one. I'm fine with it because of its performance even if you have a low-end pc. You should try this app! :) Cheers!


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Many will recommend Bluestacks, because it will be the first one to show up on Google when you search "Android emulator", along with NOX. They are definetly good, but I doubt they're the most functional or the ones with the lowest requirements. Bluestacks has a lot of additional things, where you earn virtual money that can get you things if you save long enough, so I assume Bluestack is so popular because it's being sponsored a lot. Doesn't mean it's bad, though, but it doesn't make it the bet for everyone.
Bluestacks has a lot of additional things, where you earn virtual money that can get you things if you save long enough, so I assume Bluestack is so popular because it's being sponsored a lot. Doesn't mean it's bad, though, but it doesn't make it the bet for everyone.
Honestly I don't like these additional things because it only made a programmer more heavy to load. That's why I found and prefer using older version of Bluestacks.
There are many android emulators which is best for low end pc, but I really recommend BlueStacks. I've been using BlueStacks Android Emulator for more than 2 years already, there's a frequent update, for numerous bugs and it also supports more 20 languages, plus it's free to download.
along with NOX. They are definetly good, but I doubt they're the most functional or the ones with the lowest requirements.
I used NOX and it is pretty heavy to load hence I installed an older version of Bluestack and still using it now.
Bluestacks has a lot of additional things, where you earn virtual money that can get you things if you save long enough, so I assume Bluestack is so popular
I never heard about this. What is virtual money and what do we use it for?


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Virtual money is like online money. For example, when you play an RPG, you can earn gold by killing monsters. Gold in this case is virtual money, and it can be used to acquire real money with it. Many online games allow players to buy virtual currency with real money, to then be able to unlock special things on that game.

But virtual money can also be a point system on sites and apps, which have special ways to earn them (most likely by filling in surveys), and those points can be traded in for real money (depending on the site/app) or for other rewards.


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Are there actually other Android emulators asides from Bluestacks and Nox? Surely there are, but it's not like we can just trust any emulation application we find on the internet. I've seen lots of them and most of them are widdled with virusses.
Is there anything else with a proper rating and reviews that is safe to download? I'm not looking for one, just curious.
Can you tell me what is the best android emulator for low end pc? I am looking for one to play android games on my PC but I am confused because there are so many apps for this out there. I need an advice or your vote for which app is the best to do this. Many thanks!
I've only used one emulator, NoxPlayer, but I'm satisfied with it. It runs smoothly on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is barely a laptop, so I'm sure it will run just fine on yours! Here are the system requirements, taken from their User Guide:
  • Windows XP(32) SP3/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • AMD or Intel CPU (with Virtualization Technology support preferred)
  • At least 512MB RAM
  • GPU with OpenGL 2.0+ support
  • At least 1GB of free disk space under installation path (for saving the data of the apps you may install) and 300MB under system disk
As with @monblogger, it is a little laggy for me but I think that's probably my laptop. I have a hunch it might be the Facebook notifications (lol) so maybe disable or don't connect to the packaged Facebook Lite. You can also follow the instructions they posted here and here if it is slow for you.

It displays games very well, upsizing them without losing quality. Once you get into the game, everything (e.g. dragging motion) is very smooth. The UI is fairly intuitive and unobtrusive since you can customise it, such as hiding the utility sidebar. My favourite feature is 'File Transfer', as Nox has great shortcuts that let you open the shared folders between the emulator and your PC in 2 clicks. Since I use a game guide that involves uploading a game file frequently, this is really helpful for me! It also takes screenshots, can go fullscreen ... I don't find it lacking in any features I need or want.

Maybe it would help if we could know which games you're looking at? Some are more resource-intensive than others, though I have faith that Nox would run them all equally well.
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