What do you prefer iPhone or Samsung?

I'd go with Samsung every single time. I am not a fan of how restrictive iOS can be and how many of the features and functions I take for granted on Android are impossible to replicate on iOS (at least without resorting to jailbreak). Then again, I've always been an Android user and I've only had a single experience with an Apple phone which was an iPhone 6 that I had for a few months. iPhones look and feel nice and that's about all I can say. For a more advanced user I'd always recommend an Android (and by extension a Samsung phone as well).​
I will go for Samsung, it is more compatible and it gives you more privacy than iPhone. I always feel like am been monitored whenever am using an iPhone. An iPhone is stronger than a Samsung phone. Another problem with iPhone is the data and information they always have to collect from there users. Is hard to get iPhones spear parts, Samsung is more easily accessible.
Importantly some iPhones have an expiring date.
Now, I probably prefer iPhone than Samsung even though I am currently using Samsung note 3. Especially the camera of iPhone, I very like its quality even without filters.
Also, a lot of people prefer to buy iPhone than Samsung. What you think?
I'm still using my iPhone 5s but I still prefer Samsung over it. The user safety features of iPhone is impeccable but what's more important for me is the convenience and ease of use. And I found it in Samsung.
So with the continuation of this thread, I am preferring Samsung compared to I phone because of may reasons and I find new ones. Since Samsung is android based, there are more applications that I can have access or I can install. From Games, fitness/health applications, excel & word, how to's and agriculture applications, we have a wide range of application in play store compared to I Store


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I'm a simple man with simple needs. I rather save my money on a better computer, rather than a smartphone. iPhone can be quite expensive and it contains so many features that I probably won't ever use, maybe a few times a year. I don't even take a lot of pictures of myself.

I just need a phone that I can use to contact people when I'm not home, wake me up in the morning, and download some games to play when I'm on a long train or bus ride to work or home.

Both can be expensive, but according to my sister, if you choose Apple, you should go all the way: iPhone goes with a Mac computer, and that's a big no for me. I know it's not a requirement, but Apple devices seems to cooperate well with eachother.
Both can be expensive, but according to my sister, if you choose Apple, you should go all the way: iPhone goes with a Mac computer, and that's a big no for me. I know it's not a requirement, but Apple devices seems to cooperate well with eachother.
Sure, but if you are using a computer then to connect an iPhone to it, you might need an App like iTunes while Android smartphones can easily connect to other devices without special requirements.


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True that, which is why I stay with Android. I am never going to swap to a Mac or anything else. It's Windows for me and nothing but Windows.
Also, I tried iTunes once, it's horrible. I try to download music and put it on my little mp3 player, and it doesn't work because it needed to sync first or I didn't move, even though I did, it was really confusing back then.
More people went with iPhone because its brand name, design and iOS. For me, I like both because each one has its advantages.
That would be one of the advantage of iPhone. Its because of the brand name. Ever since its release, the apple brand specifically the iPhone brand has been a statement. Especially to Businessmen and professionals its like a status when you own one.
I was a previous Iphone user and I cannot deny how I was amazed on its features. Most especially the quality of the video and pictures done from the phone. Unfortunately, I got rubbed from the bus while tracking my way home and my iphone was taken from me. It made me cry, since the phone is really expensive but worth the price. Since, I don't have a fund right now, I switched to samsung for the sake of having something to use.
For me I do prefered Samsung handset why? Its because its more cheaper than Iphone. But even Samsung more cheaper to Iphone I have no doubt Samsung is also a great mobile phone that can confeat to other brands. For me, personal experience its more user friendly samsung mobile phone is. If theres objection in this I do accepted that because everyone of us has different opinion in some different aspects.
I prefer samsung because you have more freedom of the softwares you can use. It is also easier to customize your phone in a way you want because its open source. Downloading files, transferring and copying is also easier than iphone.
Currently, I'm a Samsung user. However, I'm saving up to make the switch. The iPhone design is elegant, more comfortable, the specs and camera are better and iOS has fewer flaws than Android. I'm used to having my phone crashed and not taking great photos. As a content creator, it's a greater bargain to invest in an iPhone than to buy a new phone+professional camera.
Right now I own an iPhone 7 and it's the first time I've switched to a phone that isn't an Android. Before my iPhone I've owned almost every brand there is out there. My most recent phones before this one have been from Samsung, LG, and HTC. Out of all of them I have to say the iPhone really is my favorite. Even though I really like being able to customize my phone more like you can with an Android, I still prefer the design that Apple uses. On top of that the phone always works, for me at least, as I've never had any weird crashes or bugs. My phone is about two years old now and at this point all my previous phones would have started to malfunction but my iPhone still performs like the day I got it.
I do have iPhone and Samsung because they serve their own purposes. We all know that iPhone is superb when it comes to the quality of the camera. That's why I use it for that purpose. Another thing is the smoothness of the apps over wifi. The Samsung on the other hand has a more user friendly interface that even a kid can easily navigate the functions of the phone. The data consumption is much more efficient too when using mobile data rather than on an iPhone so having both is a good way also
Most people who try a device related to Apple, decide to stay with this company forever.

As far as innovation is concerned, Apple undoubtedly bears the baton, since the smartphones known as the first-generation were created by them, likewise with tablets, as they created the first iPad.

After the boom of the well-known Blackberry, a wake of popularity was created led by Samsung with the operating system of the green robot, Android, and Apple, with its own operating system, iOS. Through the years, Samsung has worked hard to improve its operating system, developed by Google. However, despite their efforts, Apple's own operating system, iOS, remains superior to the others.
Iphone is just so simple to use. And it's way more practical. I would always take Iphone over Samsung. Samsung only has the curved screen and that's it.
I prefer iPhones because of iOS. Android and iOS can do almost the same things but they do things differently. I don't do games on my phone, I only use it mainly for social media, taking pictures and entertainment so I don't really care about high-powered phones like "EXTREMELY FAST CPU" or "3864792455 GB RAM". Everything that I need is on iOS. :)
These two brands of phones have their own unique way that enable buyers to think deeply what phone is worthy of spending.

Iphone has its ever unique way of mesmerizing the buyer with its vast developing designs. Its design are always edgy and is looking foward always by a lot of buyers every time they release a new one. You will never go wrong this phone. It may be a bit expensive but it is a total package.

On the other hand we can't deny the fact that samsung is on a race with iphone. With its varied designs and being a user friendly it is no doubt that samsung is for everybody. When it comes to Speicification, samsung is always coming up with new designs and even improving softwares to every designs they make. Budget wise, samsung is indeed a good choice. Not too expensive but still able to function and cater your needs just like any other phones even iphone.
As an Android lover, you will always see me pick Samsung over an Android Iphone; while Samsung isn't even in my top 5 for favorite Android brands, it beats Iphones by a long shot. I've always loved the flexbilibty you're given with the Android OS and how you can customize it to fit your style.

Though back to what I was mentioning earlier, Samsung is often called the "Iphone of Androids" for a reason. The predetermined apps, skins, etc that Samsung forces on their users (many of which are difficult to remove) along with other limitations certainly makes me less enthusiastic in picking Samsung, but when you're comparing it with Apple's Iphone, I have to stay loyal to the brand.
I would definitely prefer Apple than Samsung. I have used both Apple products and Samsung products and also was involved in some mobile application development. Apple's security, it's simplicity and uniformity is more attractive for me. It's very user friendly too to be honest. And their durability too, my Apple 3GS and iPhone 5s are still working.
iPhone hands down. And it is not because I am a Apple mobile expert, or that Apple has somehow brainwashed me with market training, monthly web trainings/conference calls or free products. I do get vendor devices to use that they supply to me free of charge, however the products I am supplied with are relevant and crucial to my role within my department. Being able to use these devices help me study and master them so I can train my staff, give flawless demos to customers and help troubleshoot issues that happen sometimes on iOS.
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