Huawei or Oppo?


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I've been thinking of buying a new smartphone since my current phone (Samsung Galaxy j5) is on terminal stage, if you know what I mean. LOL! Well my non-negotiable is the quality of camera so I'm torn with Huawei P10 or Oppo F5. What do you think is the best between the two? Pros and cons perhaps. Please help me!
Hi, @maklein! Can you clarify what you mean when you said: "non-negotiable is the quality of the camera"?

If I were to choose, it would be the Oppo F5 because it has 6GB RAM and a higher screen resolution. But if you prefer a phone with a better camera, you should go with Huawei P10. :)
I've been thinking of buying a new smartphone since my current phone (Samsung Galaxy j5) is on terminal stage, if you know what I mean. LOL! Well my non-negotiable is the quality of camera so I'm torn with Huawei P10 or Oppo F5. What do you think is the best between the two? Pros and cons perhaps. Please help me!
Sad to hear that your Samsung J5 is now on its terminal stage and on its limits of usage but I hope that this reply will help you to decide more which between the two products or two phone is the one you want to buy.

Actually it was a bit hard of buying a phone and comparing them when they are not in the same brand per se. I hope that you find time to clink in the link for the summary of the comparison between the two phone in terms of specs.

Sad to say that I haven't foung a Video for you between the two phones but you can consider also trying the Mate10 vs. Oppo F5

Here is the video link for comparison.

Anyways when I find the video or more concrete comparison I will get back to you, but I hope this reply helps you.


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Based on the reviews from other users. I suggest you to choose Huawei as this is a proven brand that has a high quality but of course, Oppo is making its name but for me its the huawei.
I totally agree about your stand towards Huawei. I've actually tried using the cameras of both Oppo and Huawei and so far, I've observed that Huawei's camera is better than Oppo. Even if they're both from China, Huawei's camera is on another level because even if you zoom in it doesn't pixelate that much unlike Oppo. I've also observed that Oppo's camera kind of like try to make you more paler instead of your original skin color, and that's a 'meh' for me because others might bash me because I'd look totally different on social media (and that's because of my skin color which is a little bit brownish).


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If your main concern is the camera, I suggest Huawei P10 because it is the second phone to carry Leica’s branding on its camera. Based on its specs, it has dual-lens system pairs a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor with a 12-megapixel RGB sensor. Huawei claims the dual-lens system will offer buyers a variety of benefits, including better low-light performance, the ability to create a more realistic bokeh effect, and improved black-and-white photography. All in all, the phone’s camera is more than good enough for taking a few holiday snaps for sharing on social media.


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It depends on your needs. but I prefer Huawei is not only a mobile phone company, but also a big communication company. For the glory have made, with no doubt, Huawei is the better company. this company makes communication more priceless, and easily.
I haven't try the Huawei P10 but a friend of mine own a Oppo F5 and I have a chance to try it. The Oppo has goo d quality and features I can say that it will give you a good result in terms of the camera and the it has 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage which is very nice for a phone. It has a elegant design and reliable phone. But Huawei phones ha really good quality of camera. My only advice is choose a phone that can serve more that what is your purpose in buying it.
Thanks for all of your responses. I believe I've made a decision in this. I totally agree on what you guys all mention in this thread. I remember me saying that camera is my non-negotiable as I wanted to have a quality camera on my phone. I agree that Oppo is kind of making your skin paler and whiter and I don't want a filter on my photos just to look nice.I do enhance my pictures to brighten up the colors and make it lively and I love my skin color so I don't want a fairer skin tone as I'm brownish. Thanks for all your help guys, I totally appreciate it. :)


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I'd rather choose Oppo for my day to day lifestyle as this affords my budget yet contains high quality of camera pixel. Easy to use, user friendly, and can be used for great selfie anytime and anywhere.
If you can afford to buy a more expensive one and you want to achieve photography at its best, then Huawei P20 Pro is for you.It has 5x hybrid zoom Leica Triple Camera and uses OLED display where the screens are made brighter and the color more natural on pictures and videos. Performance wise, it's fast, it's shining brightly and a stand-out from other phones. If you're frugal and would prefer a cheaper one but nearly has the same effect and characteristic as Huawei, then might as well choose Oppo F7, it has octa core processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM.The primary camera has 16-megapixel on the rear and a 25-megapixel front, good for selfies.
Wow that's a very tough scenario to decide if I am on your situation. Huawei and Oppo are actually both my favorite phones. Well, I was able to use those phones already. If you are much concerned about camera, Huawei is really the best. Photos are not pixilated even if you zoom them in. In Oppo, photos are also nice if you love much filters. Oppo camera can hide blemishes with just the right filter if you love taking selfies. And Oppo is kinda cheaper than Huawei. But if you can afford Huawei, I would rather go for it.

I hope this can help.
My friend used Oppo smartphone and it is pretty good as what he said but after 2 years he changed to a Samsung smartphone and he is happy with it now.

For Huawei, I never used it so I have no comment on this smartphone. :)
If you consider yourself a gamer then you better buy HUAWEI because of its fast processor but if you like taking photos with HD with a feeling og "Capture the Real You" then you'll need OPPO brand models. Although, I am not a user of both mentioned models, however, almost of the people I know says that HUAWEI far better than OPPO.
Most of the people I've known uses Oppo, but for me Huawei is much of a good brand/choice. P10 provides the quality of a phone. For example, the camera provided by the Oppo is well stablished but somehow if u look thoroughly, Huawei P10 is much good in terms of the pixels and how the pictures will come up.
It's best to choose Huawei because it has a better quality of camera. The colors are more lively and vibrant. I like it's auto focus system and it's fast to take photos. Lovely to grip for photography. it's also a good smartphone.
I'd personally choose Huawei. My sister and my father are both using Huawei devices and they don't seem to have any problems with it. Also, Huawei keeps on getting better and better every year. Offering faster performance that is now on par with the fastest Exynos SOCs and Qualcomm SOCs. They're camera also improves over and over and Huawei P20 Pro is my best bet when it comes to Huawei. If you're planning to buy the best bang for the back right now, go for the Huawei Honor Play.
Oppo is a good phone compared to Huawei. I like the sleek design of Oppo. Besides, the features of Oppo phones cannot be compared to what Huawei is offering. The only bad thing with Oppo is the inbuilt battery. Mine got spoilt and I had to keep it because repairing was expensive.
I would like to suggest purchasing OPPO phone over Huawei or other brand. I have been using this brand for many years and I can say that I'm very satisfied with the features and durability of OPPO phones. My phone is still in use and I haven't noticed any changes so far.
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