6 effective tips on how to save battery life on an iPhone


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Mar 5, 2013
1. Turn off the screen brightness automatically

The automatic brightness change feature continually uses the light sensor, which is one of the tasks that cause battery power consumption.
Therefore, you can cancel this feature by going to Settings> Display & Brightness> turn Auto-Brightness off. And drag the Brightness slider to set the screen brightness manually.

save battery life on an iPhone 1.png

Turn off the screen brightness automatically.

2. Temporarily lock the notifications on the screen

When applications show lock screen notifications, iPhone screen will usually light up and deal with related tasks.

To limit the amount of battery life for this problem, you can cancel the display of some low profile applications by going to Settings> Notification Center> Show on Lock Screen (or Allow Notifications). off mode.

Of course, the Phone, Message actions must always be enabled to stay in touch. Own Gmail, Skype ... then it depends on the person but should make the choice that wouldn’t lose the "smartness" of the smartphone.

save battery life on an iPhone 2.png

Snooze notifications on the screen.

3. Do not let the application "refresh" when running in the background

Many apps will keep running and refresh the data, even if they are not visible on the screen. To control this flow of information, go to Settings> General> App Refresh Background, and then select off for tasks that will turn off refreshing the data continuously.

save battery life on an iPhone 3.png

Do not let the "refresh" application run in the background.

4. Turn off GPS in some applications

GPS is one of the most important elements of smartphones, but many applications do not need to use GPS. You can manage it under Settings> Privacy> Location Services. Here, you choose Never for the application does not need.

save battery life on an iPhone 4.png

Turn off GPS in some applications.

5. "Kill" the application

In particular, third party callers like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., should be removed from the list of applications running in multitasking mode. According to some phone experts, the most "kill" application is Skype because it "consumes" the most battery.

Very simple, if iPhone has updated iOS 7 or above, you just press Home button twice, then go back and drag application needs to "kill" from the bottom up.

save battery life on an iPhone 5.png

"Kill" application.

6. Reduce the effect

iOS 7 and iOS 8 bring a series of effects while surfing the screen, open the application...Also providing an option to reduce the effect and save battery. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Turn on Reduce Motion. It will be done.

save battery life on an iPhone 6.png


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Mar 3, 2018
Such a great post, very detailed and very well explained. Pictures are high resolution and easy to read, even for people with bad eyesight like myself :)
I also love how you went over the most important things like giving the advice not to let the applications run in the background, lowering the brightness and the GPS thing which is so huge because people always leave it turned on.

Thanks so much for the great tips, definitely helped me learn a thing or two and hopefully it will help a lot of people, you have a like from me :)
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