1. gearvita

    Xiaomi Redmi AirDots - Bluetooth 5.0, 12h Long Battery Life, Voice Control

    The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth earphones packs a built-in RTL8763BFR chip and Bluetooth 5.0, can achieve bilateral calls. Weighing at just 4.1g, each earphone is lighter than a coin. With included three silicone earplugs, you can adjust the earbuds freely for comfortable wearing...
  2. Valerie Green

    Battery life of iPhone

    Is there any possibilities even we can find 4000mah or 5000mah in iOS smartphones ?
  3. Valerie Green

    Smartphone and Battery Life

    Smartphones these days are coming up with 5000mah, is there any possibilities that this might go up to 10,000mah and 20,000mah very soon?
  4. charlou

    Laptop with Built-In Batteries?

    Hello everyone! I personally own an ASUS laptop with built-in battery. After 1 year of using it, I have to say I had a good experience. The only thing that is a challenge to me is taking care of the battery life. I am still quite confused on how to take care of it. Can I use my laptop while it...
  5. Martinsx

    How to turn off iPhone performance on a low battery

    When the iPhone gets a low battery, the system immediately limits the performance of the device to ensure battery life is adequate. However, this feature sometimes annoys the user because of the jerky performance of the device. The following article will guide you how to turn off performance on...
  6. Chris Crocker

    What is the difference betwen Li ion and Li Po battery?

    Can you guys tell me what is the difference between Li ion and Li Po battery? I am confusing abut this and needing someone explain me. Thanks!