Xiaomi Deerma DEM-F628 Provides A Soft Humidification of The Air


Aug 3, 2018
The Xiaomi Deerma DEM-F628 air humidifier is notable for its simplicity of design and the necessary functions. On the front surface is an analog regulator of evaporation intensity, which allows you to select modes for sleep, energy saving, standard, maximum moisture. It adopts a composite design, a 5L water tank and an evaporation mechanism with a small tank for aromatic oils. When the water in the tank runs out, the device automatically turns off. The mist outlet is located on top to increase the effective angle of moisture and to ensure a high rise of water vapor. It can work effectively on an area of up to 25-30 square meters, the use is permissible even in offices.

Product Features:
● Wide and flat venting port, the water mist is bundled and sent to the indoor high place, which is not easy to wet the surface.
● No cumbersome steps, just adjust the amount of mist with a single twist.
● 5L large capacity water tank, about equal to the capacity of 20 250ml mineral water, no need to add water frequently.
● Built- in aromatherapy box where you can drop your favourite aromatherapy or essential oil in it.
● 350ml/h large amount of fog, a full tank filling is enough to work for more than 12 hours.
● Works effectively on an area of up to 25-30 square meters, living room, bedroom, office are applicable.
● Ultrasonic vibration, atomizing liquid water into micron-sized water particles, leaving the skin no longer tight.
● Advanced ultra-quiet technology, 35dB light sound work, do not disturb you, liberate sensitive ears.
● Built-in water alarm protection sensor, automatic power-off with a relative indicator light on when waterless.
● Assembled from high-quality ABS solid materials, delivers a long service life.

Deerma DEM-F628 fills your room or office with clean and fresh air and make your work and daily activities much more pleasant and efficient. Aromatization of air relieves stress after a busy day, ideal for masking smoking and pet smells. Fill your home or office with a lovely aroma to enhance your mood: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-deerma-dem-f628-5l-household-air-humidifier.html

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