Fishing using your smartphone?


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We all know that you can do lot's of activities with your smartphone:). Apart from messaging, calling and socializing there are tons of things you can do with these amazing device. You can do exercises and keep up with your diet using applications. You can even control your tv and other infrared enabled appliances:LOL:.

How about fishing? :alien: yup you read it using you smartphone....
Well not entirely... I was searching for an app at the googleplay store when i bump in to an app that caught my attention. "Deeper" a fish finder application that uses both sonar device and your smartphone:eek:.


This thing is wicked! This app has 4 star review rate and a significant amount of users.
The system works with combining two device, a sonar module and your smartphone using bluetooth technology. It has a lot of features like data gathering, mapping and of course fish finder.

The app is absolutely free but the sonar module is not:p, it cost around more or less $200.


Well it may cost you, but think about the fun you'll have with your family fishing:unsure:. To think that you only have to carry your smartphone and a little ball (deeper) to find fish:LOL:.

Before sonar technology are just for big fishing boats and War ships. Now all that technology, in the palm of our hands:devilish:. Truly the application for our smartphones is so vast that you'll never know what's next in the future.

Oh one more should probably use waterproof smartphones while fishing.:p
That is definitely something different and not a purpose that I thought of using a smartphone for.

I have some friends who are really into fishing so now that I know about this I am going to have to ask them if they have heard about this.

Do you know if the app is for iOS or Android?


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The app actually works on both platforms and they are available on Apple Store and Google Play. You can also check their site here:

I have checked their site and judging from the articles about the product... it is really promising. The fact that they have 4 types of fishing that works using this product its quite amazing:).


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To be honest with you on just reading the thread heading, I got a little bit spoked like what the heck? Using smartphone for fishing but then again I tried looking at it from another perspective and came to the conclusion that there is nothing technology cannot achieve. So therefore, I believe this could be achieved and not just in theory but in practical as well.

Maybe I would have to asked few friends of mine who are into fishing business whether they are aware of such piece of technology in respect to their profession. If they don't already, I definitely believe they are going to check it out as long as it's going to benefit them.


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That is so ridiculous :D I am not even into fishing, but reading this makes me consider it.
How far has technology come, what are we going to have in a few years, man can only imagine...
Regarding the fishing app, is it limited to a certain kind of phones?
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