What happened Sony?

Sony smartphone is undeniably pretty much better than any brands that escalating around in the market. The design and the hardware of every Sony phone is spot on, the kind of pricing it introduces the phones with is a little too high but considering the brand you would be willing to pay that amount. But why when it comes to sales statistics Sony is way way much behind from Samsung or even from other China phones?

Let's take a look at the comparison of the not-so-latest versions that these three giants, Sony, Samsung and Apple.

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I think Sony is behind Samsung and other brands because it lack marketing strategy. It is not as popular as Samsung. There is also no popular advertisement or commercial to advertize Sony.
Not really true and I don't think "Sony is behind Samsung and other brands because it lack marketing strategy" that because it could not cache the technology and quality that Samsung or iPhone bring to users.

If you used a Sony smartphone for at least 2 years then you will know why you should buy an iPhone or Samsung. And if you on hand a Sony smartphone beside a Samsung/iPhone then you easily know Samsung/iPhone smartphone is more better than Sony.
I completely agree with you the Sony Experia Series is trash compared to iPhones or Samsung Smartphones. Sony phones nowadays has awful cameras giving out blurry images even though they have high mp's and good screen resolution as indicated in its specs, you could easily spot it's sub par resolution and quality. It also has internal memory problems. If you do own an Experia then you know what I'm talking about.
I still have my Sony Experia Z1 as of today and its still working fine. The Camera is still good. I think I have the oldest model right now (Z1) compare to the newer one. My battery was damaged 1 year ago so I visited 1 of the Sony branch and they repair but then after that, the waterproofing is gone and I can say the front camera is not that good anymore. I guess I need to replace this with a newer model. I think they just lack how to market their product. Sony still has the best Camera in the market today But I guess they just need to work on their market strategy to entice a lot of consumers. I have some of the photos taken just a week ago.

sony photos 1.JPG sony photos 2.JPG sony photos.JPG sunrise 1.JPG


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I believe Sony lacks of much advertisement compare to Iphone and Samsung. As far as I can see in train station here, most are Samsung Advertisement. If other brands can continue to do more advertisements and uses popular artist then many customers are going to buy that certain brands as it can show off the main features of that smartphone. Unless, some customers had unhappy experience for that brand and they will jump to another brand that is popular also.
I agree with this. Its probably the advertisement factor that Sony lacks. Yes they have good quality and high upgrade in their system but it seems they don't emphasize these features in their advertisement and promotions. In fact we don't see much of Sony during tech expo, cellphone expos and other exhibits. Unlike with their gaming consoles (psp share, play station) they are more active and they give all the promotions and sponsorship during events, tournaments etc. They should give that effort on their smartphone department to compete with other smartphones especially now that there are competitive E-Sports using mobile phones.
I think Sony is doing okay in terms of sale, they just need better marketing strategy for their mobile phones to some countries that don't know about how good is product. I am a Sony phone user and I can proudly say that Sony offers better camera than every other phone


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What exactly do you mean by "what happened"? Care to elaborate? I think they are doing just fine, competition is a little rough, Samsung and iPhone are much more popular these days so it's tough for other companies to find their way to the market. But i think Sony is in a solid place right now, at least it's doing better than BlackBerry, Windows Phones and others.

Hope this cleared things up a little bit. :)


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They simply got crushed by iPhones and Samsungs.It was tough for Sony to keep track with much more powerful brands like Apple is.
As @ElGuapo96 said, they are doing better than some phones I honestly forgot about like Motorola, Alcatel or even Nokia.
Sony does not need any advertisement because those who know about Sony they buy it with assurance. For example, I have been using Sony laptop, cameras and other possible devices since many years and they have all sustained without any failures unless I have used them fully.

My family does not choose anything else except Sony because we all are aware of its hardware quality. Most of the stores have Sony products and they recommend Sony. So, they do not need any advertisement. It is already a well-known brand.
Yes, these are definitely good points!

Quality is their statement. That's actually some type of marketing strategy that known brands such as Sony adapt. They don't have to build much on advertising since the brand already speaks for itself. Some of the new phones advertised in the market these days even claim to have "Sony" lenses. So that really speaks volumes about this brand.
Sony Smartphones got the same treatment as the PSP Vita, they just stopped being Sony's priority.

I'm not sure if lackluster sales causes Sony to lose interest, or if they decide on their owns that putting more effort into a product isn't likely to produce a significant increase in sales, but Sony has this odd tendency to just... stop caring. Customer service doesn't stop and they still do updates, but there's a really distinct difference between Sony's favorite toys and the ones they leave on the back burner. You can really tell where their focus is, and it's not in their smartphones right now.
I have a Sony Xperia phone and a Sony digital camera and I don't think its lacking in any way or subordinate in quality compared to Samsung products. My previous phone was a Samsung. Though they're both good quality dependable brands, I just think Sony can not afford to lower their prices like Samsung can. I guess Samsung has found a way to get cheaper parts and labor.
Sony shifted their priorities to their PS line up. With that said, they do not have much attention to make new innovations for their Xperia devices. I still have my Xperia Tipo with me and it was a budget phone at its time. Even so, it is still powerful enough to compete with other phones at its and can still do the job (except for the front camera since it doesn't have one). Overall, I'd say Sony is good but now it doesn't get better as much as it did on the previous years.
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