1. novandak

    Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra revealed: 6.5-inch screen, 6GB RAM

    Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra is expected to be released at CES 2019, taking place in about two weeks. Recently, some specifications and prices of this phablet have been revealed. According to DroidShout, the Xperia XA3 Ultra will be priced at 519 EUR in most European markets, equivalent to about 595...
  2. koki12346

    Sony Xperia XZ3

    This is the best Sony phone you can buy right now, but you'd expect that from its latest flagship. The camera is the best on a Sony. It has a decent price. Overall i like this phone, I would buy it but I like it... Your thoughts on this phone?
  3. LoloyCabiling

    What happened Sony?

    Sony smartphone is undeniably pretty much better than any brands that escalating around in the market. The design and the hardware of every Sony phone is spot on, the kind of pricing it introduces the phones with is a little too high but considering the brand you would be willing to pay that...