Are Google's phones much better performance than the others?

In determining the over-all performance of a certain phone, one should look into the OS that such phone is using. We all know that android operating system, which is the most widely used OS in the market is owned by Google Company. By that, can we safely say that Google phones are much better performance than the others?
No, Google's phones don't have better performance than other smartphones because that depends on specifications or each device. If your smartphone has better RAM and CPUs then obviously it will run more faster than others.


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I strongly agree with @Rodney Olson, the hardware capabilities or specifications will dictate your smartphone's performanceo_O. Specially on the speed and efficiency aspect.

Let me go deeper :alien:!
What if we have 2 different smartphone brands with exactly the same hardware specifications. With the equal latest operating system available.

Now, which performs better?
@LoloyCabiling is asking about the "overall performance" of a smartphone and pertaining about a operating system as a criteria . Well operating systems can affect the performance of a smartphone, but its not that significant. Operating systems are a digital integrated systems..basically they are programs. The difference? its how the developer executes the program using algorithmic / mathematical programming strategies. Basically they all have the same function but different approach on how to execute them..:rolleyes:

A more simple example is your smartphones browser. Have you ever tried switching browsers because one is faster than the other, but you are using the same smartphone! :eek:
It is because every browser have different strategies on how to execute a algorithmic / mathematical tasks.

My point is every aspect of the smartphones physical specification and digital capability affects the overall performance of a smartphone.

But the hardware specification of a smartphone is significant in performance because it has a fix and measurable properties.

I hope this helps:coffee:....
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Very well said @Fishbate. But I must ask you something, is OS of a certain phone can be upgraded manually? Is this possible technically?


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Yes you can:), manual upgrade can be done in any operating systems. With a little skill and a software it can be done.

There is a lot of software on the net that allows a user to personalize their smartphones.
Software's like Octoplus and ODiN are one of those tools that can do such task.


This software have a communication module, for more advance features and more complicated task. This module is not free:devilish:, but they are all over the market. Private smartphone service men use this as their primary trouble shooting and repairing tool.

Take note that it can damage your smartphone, if you are not well aware of the functions of these software.
Also using this software could exclude you to product warranty and privileges.

I hope this helps:geek:!
It is case to case basis. They have their own particular function for each use. Both OS, Android and Apple have different types of phone that can use in different situation. And the fact that a alot of people are using android os can't be the reason to say that it is the better one. Its price is the reason why it is the general os use nowadays. I definitely suggest in my own opinion that iOS is far better than android. But android is easier to use than Apple.
If you're just comparing it with other android phone , I can say yes because Android is owned by Google. Unlike other Android phone, Google phone will allow you to create your own mod for your phone like you have the ultimate master rooting application that allows you to have a perfect control in your entire phone without having a difficulties to unlock some program. If you are a programmer, you can feel the real advantage of this phone because you can create/edit the settings when you modified it without rooting your phone.
The second advantage of the Google phone is you get android update first. You do not need to wait so much time by having the original and unmodified one.
Google phone is developed by different phone company so you are able to choose the model you want.
Yes, like how we depend in the speed and smoothness of a computer as a review and how we look for its GPU and CPU when we examine it, is the same as we look for the ram and camera of each phone specially in the Android phone. But even most of the android phone has many similarities, Google phone is very different because it is unmodified and that is a rare specialty of Google phone as an android.
Google phone is made to make a competition to Apple so we can say that Google phone is one of the best version of Android.


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Depends on what you are looking for. If you need a phone for a purpose of taking high quality pictures, then Google's Pixel 2 is the way to go, it is by far the most superior camera quality on a phone. But if you are looking for a phone that will not lag, that is viable, tested and a phone that can run every single application with no issues, then go with a new Samsung or iPhone. :)


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Very much agreed on the part in which you say about lag.Either Samsung or iPhone should go great in that part.
I really do not trust anything that is new and tend to stick with more ''confirmed ones''.
Android and iOS are very much tested and by far the most popular ones.
I think this brand as have a famous name called ''Google'' so on this thing these smart phones have earn some credibility.And yes they have included some good features as they have better camera and there advertisement is some how impressive .But as having price comparison with other smart phones in the market it has a difference so for the people who are looking for an android phone in there budget they can get attraction to this kind of smartphone.


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Thru history, some brands that relied on their fame on some other fields, like Google is famous for search engine and mail, failed in hopes to try a new product.
In today's society you have so many brands that specialized in one field but still tried to open new ones that usually don't reach the fame of their best product.


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Well for me it's all depends on the features of that google's phone. Samsung is great but still there're some unit of Samsung that has a lot of bad comments and reviews, the Apple also, or the IOS, they have units that the consumers keep complaining about the battery. But by buying smart phone, we should always consider the features, and not the name of the product. RAM is the priority or we should consider first, the storage, the battery also is very important, the display and the user interface or the OS version of the phone.


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Android is owned by Google so I guess you can not compare it to itself.
When it comes down to design I think late Steve Jobs did a good job with iPhone since the beginning and they continued with his legacy.
He was obsessed with having a phone that is modern but still easy to use.
Android never really attracted me as much as the iPhone did and but when it comes down to performance I like to hear the other side, too.
I would say iOS beats Android or, so far, any Google platform made.
Google should stick with search engines and emails.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that if an Android phone is made by Google, it is automatically faster. It depends more on the hardware specs than a phone’s firmware. However, it is a very nice advantage for Google’s phone because they have the most timely system updates and they have more security and features.


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I think you misunderstood what I was saying, haha.Only one phone I had was android so I really can not tell more about their performance since I did not have a lot of experience but I know that they are done by Google, so comparing google and google does not make sense :D
Sorry, my comment was directed at OP and not your comment. :)

I think OP is comparing Google's phone like Pixel 2 to other phone manufacturer's phone like Sony's. Sony, Samsung, etc. are not directly broadcasting the updates directly from Google. They need time to put their customization to the firmware so it is always delayed.

Unlike Apple who are always on time with their updates regardless of what phone/tablet you have.
I also agree that the efficiency of the phone is not based on operating system but it will be determined by its quality of the product. First of all aside from what is inside or the system and abilities, a phone will never give a better performance if the quality of materials are low. In the part of the operating system has high RAM and storage capacity it is much better since they will give a very good performance.
But the best phone will be determined by the user at the end of all. If the phone serve the purpose of the user and it also satisfied the need of it will be more that worth it and the best.


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No, that's just a rumor you must have heard somewhere. I mean some could have good performance, but it's all based on each phone, really. Always look at the specs of each seperate smartphone, the brand doesn't matter.
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