Not sure if I should buy another iPad......


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So I've had an iPad Air since 2013. I bought a 128GB model of the first gen iPad Air and i loved it. I used it for multimedia consumption such as movies, youtube, skype calls, etc. However, recently it finally died on me and now i'm in the market for a new tablet. I'm currently using an Nvidia Shield but that too seems to be dying/on it's way out after a few years of heavy use. :( I'm not sure if I should buy another iPad or a new android based tablet. :( I can't decide. I don't wanna spend more than say $600 if I can help it.
iPad versions are good options but if you need to make phone call on your tablet, you could think about a Samsung tablet, it has same specifications like iPad but easier to use and you have the opportunity to use Android, a good smartphone OS.


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I was wondering if you weren't sure if you wanted to buy another tablet while you still have one, in which case I would say no, unless it's for work, but then work should pay you one.

Here's the thing: Do you love to interact with a tablet, and use it a lot? If so, then I don't see why you shouldn't buy a new one. But I would also consider swapping to an Android tablet, mainly due to the big difference in price.
Stay with ios as latest ipad have better resolutions than samsung or android base tablet in the market.
The price of ipad seems fair to the technologies that is available on the unit.
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