Yuwell YX305 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - One-button Fast Measurement, 8 Seconds Display

Oxygen is essential to life and it is time to monitor its level in our blood to detect if our body is functioning normally. The Yuwell YX305 fingertip pulse oximeter is a device designed to provide an accurate reading of your blood oxygen level and pulse rate from your fingertip in as little as eight seconds.

Product Features:
● Photoelectric sensing principle, non-invasive and painless, fast and accurate.
● Imported MCU chip, more accurate and stronger computing power.
● One button fast measurement, displaying in 8 seconds.
● Built-in silicone membrane, more comfortable to wear.
● Large OLED screen, easy to read in different directions, more convenient.
● Auto exits in 8 seconds, saving energy and environmental protection and lasting longer.
● Premium environmentally friendly shell, strong and wear resistant.
● Tiny size and light, portable to carry with.

In order to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals, it is very important to know and understand your blood oxygen saturation: https://gearvita.com/yuwell-yx305-fingertip-pulse-oximeter-from-xiaomi-youpin.html

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Yuwell YX305 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.JPG
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