Things to consider when buying an Android phone

I am planning to buy an Android phone next month but I don't know what to look for. If you are going to purchase a new android phone, what are the things you will consider?


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For me, battery capacity really matters especially when it will be your daily driver. The RAM must also be large enough to handle casual games and using social medias. Camera comes the third that is good enough to take photos. Its processor wouldn't be that fast as I don't use my phone for heaving gaming. Lastly for me is the build quality so it can take few drops when I am careless.


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Pretty much the same, though I'm a simple man when it comes down to smartphones. I just need something that run a few decent games, and in case I need it, make good quality photos.

I personally wouldn't put battery capacity on first place though. It was said my current phone should last 24 hours without being plugged in. It can hold out 2 days, so either 3 reliable stores and a bunch of internet sites lied to me, or I just don't need my phone as much as others do.
Of course, if you use it a lot, definatly make battery capacity a high priority.
If I am to pick between android and apple, I would always choose android for one major reason--value for money. the value of apple easily depreciates; hence if I am to buy a model now, by the following year, significant cut in price should be expected as if it isn't a recent model. The other thing I dislike is that new models of apple gadgets tend to have minor modifications, which do not justify the price increase.

Now if I am to decide whichever brand of android phone to buy, I cannot say that I patronize a single brand; rather, I make it a point to really read reviews so as to determine whether I will be able to get the best deal. For instance, I think Huawei and Samsung phones have the best cameras while Asus ZenFones have longest battery life compared to other brands.
Tips in buying an android phones there the five ways.
First, check the latest trend of an Android Phones. Research it in the internet or drop by at the malls.
Second, Canvass an Android Phone, Look for the the style, check on the specs and features of the phone, the battery life, dual sim or not.
Third, Check the price. Affordable in your budget or not.
Fourth, It is the time for you to decide which phone you want.
Fifth, Buy your new Android Phone and explore.
Well I consider first is the battery. It should have a life long battery. And then internal memory. I think it is best if the internal memory is big so I could put a lot of personal files. And then Camera. The camera must be good because I can use this to capture best moments of my life. And then lastly, phone that will not hang although it has a lot of applications.
When buying an Android phone I always consider the quality of the hardware of the phone. I also check the performance of the camera, the specs of it and the memory of the phone.
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