What smart phone do you considered as the best because It will take years for you to replace it.

Different smart phones are now out in the market. But the question is which one will you buy? Which one is like although it fell, it will not break easily? Or although you install lot of application, it will not slow down? Like you can use this for years but still looking good as new?


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I personally use an HTC for few years, old, but gold.
I mean it's very basic and old, but it keeps functioning with all the necessary stuff that I need. However, on my Windows Phone 8.1 the WhatsApp service is disabled already. :D
I have a Huawei right now for less than a year and I can say that I am loving its performance. But the last phone that I had that lasted me for years is a Lenovo. It's P70 and I what I really like about it is it battery life. I am actually the kind of person who don't follow the trend quite a lot and a phone that would do the necessary stuff for me like, calls, messaging and emails would work for me. I have dropped several times and the LCD had been replaced three times , but other than that it still works. It is actually functional up to now but I felt like I needed to upgrade that's why I got a new one.
Based on my experience, OPPO brand is one of the best phones that I have tried. Actually I have been using my phone for years now and I can say that I'm very satisfied with its performance. I love the features and very comfortable to use. My phone has fell for several times but it's still in good condition. In addition, the price is not that high and the features are enjoyable. You can try this brand and see for yourself. My three kids are using the same brand.
For me, I am using Redmo note 5, 4+64GB, good A.I. upgrade from Redmi to provied the gbeauty effect from the camera. And the 4+64 makes also support many APP without slow down the smartphone.
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