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Well honestly, I am a fan of Huawei phones because I'm contented with its features. But my boyfriend is telling me that I should try Samsung because it has nice features also especially the camera and everything like he doesn't have any bad comments about it. But what I love about Huawei is you don't need to filter your photos. And although I installed a lot of applications, it is still fast like new.
It depends on the model. But if you are to compare their flagships devices, I'd go with Samsung as long as you can afford it. Samsung offers more features on their flagship devices than other brands and gives it a more premium feel. But if you are on a budget, I'll pick Huawei devices. Specifically, the Huawei Honor Play. It has Huawei's in-house flagship SoC that they also put in their Huawei P20 Pro so expect a premium performance in it for an affordable price. Their camera is also great. Read some reviews of that phone and you'll see how great the phone is.
Huawei realy do not promote good of their product via the socail media likely Samsung or LG doing. However for the quality performance, almost no negative comment too especially their Honor series, almost all users comment worthable. Huawei is a typical China manufacturing way of using the high spefification smartphone standard to produce and export it with China price.


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I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini as my first smartphone, and when I was looking for a new one, I had my eyes on the same brand, but then my girlfriend recommended me to compare one Samsung device (which name I forgot) to the Huawei I currently have. Both had the same price in 3 different stores (avg. €250,00), and were pretty much the same on all points.

There were two things different, one thing was better on the Samsung, I think quality of pictures, and the other was better on the Huawei, which I think was the RAM or Memory space. I choose the Huawei P10 Mini, because that slight difference was better for me, but someone else, who would make more photo's, might chosen for the Samsung, because it could snap better pictures.

What I'm getting at is, pick what suits your needs. Both have Android operating systems, and the apps already installed aren't really that different in quality or quantity, at least not that I know.

If you really can't decide, stick with what you know is good. Why pick plan B if plan A works perfectly fine?
For me I go for Samsung because it's more comfortable to use and have a lot's of apps. The camera of Samsung also if more better because when you take a picture it's so clean and the effect of the picture is beautiful.
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