Cash Making Apps?

So I don't really have a job and I always use my phone or Ipad. I'm wondering if you have any app that pays you. Maybe apps that will pay you to download something or pay something or maybe doing some task? I hope someone could help me. And if it's possible can you send me an app that is available world wide.
Swagbucks is not available in my country. I hope the two apps are available. I'll check those later. Appreciate it.


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Apps and sites like swag bucks work. The problem with them is that surveys are the best way to earn money, and most of the times you'll be rejected. And even when you get accepted, they can still take a while to complete. I even had it that a survey took an hour and at the end they said "sorry, you did not qualify".


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So I don't really have a job and I always use my phone or Ipad. I'm wondering if you have any app that pays you. Maybe apps that will pay you to download something or pay something or maybe doing some task? I hope someone could help me. And if it's possible can you send me an app that is available world wide.
try using Wow app or Snapcart. The former is a referral base app while the other one basically gives you money in every receipt you post. Aside from those, there are available YouTube videos that shares more cash earnings applications out there. Try to check them out.


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I will tell you one thing: Don't download apps that promise a lot of money, for low effort, in a short period of time! For example, I tried many apps that allowed me to watch 15 to 60 seconds ads, earning 50 cents for 20 videos. Once you reach $100 you could cash out with a giftcard for Paypal, Steam, Google Play, and what not. I used to be able to gather $3 to $3,50 an hour per device, constantly opening video ads. Not having a job at the time, I could do this all day, and earn about $45 on a day.

However, when I tried cashing out, they said I needed to wait a few days. At one point, my reward had a green text saying "succeeded", but I haven't received anything. I tried contacting the developers of the apps, but no response. Thus, I've wasted many hours, and some extra money needed to charge my phone.

Always read the comments of an apps before starting it. Don't just look at the rating, the first 3 comments on most of these apps will tell you when they're fake.

If you're not sure about a money making app, give me a link to the Google page, I should be able to tell you if it's legit or not, without even needing to download it.
Thank you for the heads up! This is what I have been doing right now. I only have one app though that is installed in my phone that have tasks and and says that I am earning some after doing certain jobs. I am wondering which apps are you referring to? Because I don't want to waste my time on something that I'm not sure if I would get paid on not.
I am also looking for an apps or website that also pays cash when I have my free time. Your tips will be helpful to the people like me who also try our luck to make some money from the internet. Thank you for sharing such an Idea.
I never really had luck with these. I experimented with them a little bit to see how I could make the most of them in my spare time.

I concur that many, if not most, are not to be trusted because they tend to be referral schemes that don't ever lead to any concrete task you can do that will result in a payout. In other words, they'd be farming you for their own referral signup commissions.

Even the popular ones, like InboxDollars, will do this. I have no doubts that some of the early adopters had success, which was perhaps just a promotional tactic. Now that demand has gone up, quality for these platforms has seemed to go down.

I think you have to be realistic about what that phone is for. I, personally, would use a dedicated phone not tied to me or one that I plan to carry around because of how these devices track.

You may want to categorize the apps that work for you into folders. Keep records of every pertinent email they send when you sign up for your account, from the activation onward through payment/activity related notifications to payout. Note the terms of services.

Of course, never sign up for anything that seems sketchy, that is lazy with their branding, that doesn't have a valid looking email and website, that has poor reviews and/or any combination of those along with other red flags. If it seems to good to be true, you can do without the extra few bucks here and there, if you would even be paid at all.
There's a lot of money making application that offers cash but you need to make real effort to look for the one that really pays, and application that works in your region. Try to read blogs or review to make sure it's legit and not just wasting you're time, some of it likely have high payout you need to be very patient. And money making application might not give you big money but just an extra cash.


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Simple and clean review of money making apps.
The only way to say it shorter, is by saying that it's more profitable to have a parttime job rather than doing this.
Only work on money making apps if you're bored and making money makes you happy.

You can also focus on playing a certain game and selling virtual items or your account for money. Most games won't allow this, though, so always be cautious when you sign an agreement.


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There are lock screen apps that will give you a couple dollars each month just to install their app on your phone. Adme and Slidejoy are two I used in the past. It was only about $2 each month for each, so I don't use them anymore.

One that I do still have installed is ReceiptHog. It's an app that will pay you for uploading pictures of your recent receipts. It's still not a lot. You earn "coins" for receipts you upload, and after 1,000 you can cash out for $2. If you buy a lot of groceries though, it might add up quicker than it has for me.


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So I don't really have a job and I always use my phone or Ipad. I'm wondering if you have any app that pays you. Maybe apps that will pay you to download something or pay something or maybe doing some task? I hope someone could help me. And if it's possible can you send me an app that is available world wide.
Sure, I am happy to help you in finding an app that works worldwide. I know the feeling that you have about finding true honest apps that work which are not scamming. This app is called Spare5. It's WORKING!
Check the site if you feel like. Here it is:


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Wow, that actually looks like an app with actual tasks, rather than all those other sites and apps with their surveys and stuff. I don't have much time to check it out today, but do you know if this app is also available for people in Belgium?
And how does payout work? Do you do tasks and can you claim money whenever, or do you first need to earn a certain amount of money before you can cash out?
There are lots of Apps out there that are legit and real paying. Also try surveys like Globaltestmarket, MOBROG, Toluna.... As for App, I recommend Yippi App. Just try to Google it or download it on your mobile phone for Free. It has lots of games you can win cash prizes from ..$100, 300 , 1000. They also have a raffle once a month for a brand new car. Yippi App


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Hmm... Are the winners of such raffles announced? Especially the one where you can win a car? Because if they don't, they just use it as bait. And even if they announce winners, it's easy to create many accounts and then tell everyone that person won the raffle.
The surveys paying out would work, no doubt about it, but these raffles have such a high prize, it just seems to be too good to be true.


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I would find it quite awesome if there was an app that paid you out for watching ads. The ones I find are all fake. I watch videos, earn coins, and when I have enough for the payout, nothing happens. I remembered being able to earn $25 in a day with nothing but watching ads. If I could have a program to automate it, and then buy a load of cheap second hand phones, I would be making about $10 daily for each phone.
So 10 phones would've earned me $3000 every month, which is more than I get paid for at my job, and that would've been epic. But yeah, if the apps don't work, it's useless. Then it's just virtual money with no real value. It would just be a number.
Bitwalking app permits you to generate Bitwalking money basically for going about yourself.
Once you get in, all you have to do is move to begin earring. You have to do rather a lot of strolling though – sometimes approx around 10,000 actions for 1 BW$. If you may invest all day roaming around for your job anyway, however, what is there to lose?
At release, the organization said you’d be able to receive your income against products provided through its own shop, or exchange the money to your. The solutions still being examined though so could be topic to modify in the future.
Buddy take some time to go through the site and yes it’s working world wide.
If you love taking pictures from your phone and have high quality photos you will be on the right track.
I have just started on this and having fun.
All you need is a little bit of patience by reading all about it.
You can turn to YouTube for tutorials if you feel like.
Good luck and have fun.
Don’t be shy to ask for more help on anything as I will be happy to assist you.
Warm regards,
I tried different apps I came across in youtube and facebook. Most of these mobile applications requires you to earn cryptocurrency and then convert it to cash. Yes, it is legit but the problem is it is really hard to earn and the rate to cash is too low. I quit using those apps because it is time-consuming. If you really want to earn, it is not one thing I can recommend. But, if you want to try. You can download SuperVanks. Here's the link for you to check: .
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