What do you think on buying secondhand smartphones?

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Hi! I'm not fond of buying secondhand phone but it doesn't mean that I am totally disagree with it. Buying this is not really bad as long as you carefully check first the unit before closing the deal with the seller. Especially now that it is already common in a social world like fb for their secondhand phone. The after communicating through online, meet up with the seller is the next thing to do for you to check the unit itself. As long as that there is no issue with the phone when you check, I don't see any reason for you to buy that secondhand phone. Furthermore, check also the reviews of other people if that seller is a legit one. Well, as you can see I'm referring to those online seller of secondhand phone to be specific. Hope it could help!
Buying secondhand smartphones is not a bad choice and you can buy when you have low budget and wanted to save your money. Make sure that you will have more knowledge about smartphones to check before purchasing a new smartphone if you don't want to have any issues after bought.
What do you think on buying secondhand smartphones? Is there an advantage and disadvantage? Can you give me tips for buying used smartphone?
I think buying secondhand anything, let alone phones, is a fantastic way to go! Resource waste and climate change are some of the most pressing issues humanity faces today, and shopping secondhand is a great way to reduce your environmental impact since you are not contributing to production. This is the most significant advantage, in my opinion, and outweighs most every consideration. Buying secondhand also helps you save money since no secondhand seller (unless quantities are limited) would make money selling higher than retail price. If you're lucky and live in a very consumerist/high-tech city, you can even get a flagship phone for cheaper! Plus, secondhand phone sellers often sweeten the deal by providing freebies. The standard charger, earphones that the manufacturer provides are typical, but there may also be screen protectors or phone cases included, further saving you money.

I wholeheartedly recommend buying a secondhand phone (in fact, my current phone is secondhand!), though the feasibility of making a satisfying purchase depends on various factors. If your city is notorious for scams or you live somewhere with a high crime rate, I would suggest prioritising your safety at all times. I am sure that if this applies to you, you are already familiar with being careful in unfamiliar situations, but I would suggest bringing a friend and meeting in a HIGHLY public place. Don't be afraid to back out of the situation if it takes a questionable turn!

Here are my tips to maximise success:

1. Only buy phones with insurance
Secondhand sellers are almost never liable for anything that happens to your phone. I only consider secondhand phones that come with insurance (usually from the store that the phone was originally purchased) because then it's truly like getting a new phone for less money.

2. Insist on being shown everything
A genuine seller will not be afraid to show you the phone, its accessories and insurance in their entirety. Spend at least 5 minutes checking everything works by turning on the phone, examining the phone's identifying number and the insurance, and so forth. A good seller will insist you do this before leaving because they don't want negative feedback!

3. Use a reliable site
It can be difficult to evaluate the trustworthiness of a marketplace but look for a large, active website that has good reviews. I trust 'specialised' secondhand sites (e.g. secondhand marketplaces specifically for phones or digital appliances) more than general ones. That's not to say that you can't trust Craigslist or Amazon Marketplace, but I would be more wary of them.

4. Less is not more
Be reasonable and don't expect to buy the latest model for $100 less than its normal price. There is such a thing as too good to be true! I would recommend looking for phones that are a little less than retail price (for brand-new or like-new flagship phones) or $50-200 less for older models, depending on how far back you're going.

5. Be patient
To find a trustworthy value deal, you might need to stalk the marketplace for a week or so. This is especially true if there's a particular phone model or colour you have to have.

I love secondhand and thrift shopping, so feel free to ask any questions you may have!


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What do you think on buying secondhand smartphones? Is there an advantage and disadvantage? Can you give me tips for buying used smartphone?
I have nothing against buying secondhand smartphones. In fact i think it's a great way to save money. But of course one should consider some details before buying one. If you think that the smartphone has no significant physical damage then it may be a good choice. Second you should check first if the phone feature's are working well, from camera to phone jacks and even wireless connections. Third you should consider checking the battery health, observing the battery consumption on a certain time can give you an idea how far the battery will go.

Lastly check the phone if refurbished. Checking the RTN Setting will allow you to see if the phone has been reset or been erased. There are several means on how to check the RTN. It depends on what unit you are buying.


The most common way of checking in android smartphones is by dialing ##786# or *#*#786#*#* then click on view RTN. It may or may not work on some smartphones, because it all depends on the brand.

I hope this helps:coffee:!


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Buying a second hand phone can be risky although the price is kind of lower than brand new. The original owner of the phone may say that he /she is selling the unit as he/she intends to buy a new one or the latest model perhaps. But it could be possible also that the phone may have some technical issue or issues already that's why it is up for sale. The risk here is that unlike the brand new ones, it may no longer be under warranty so you end up throwing your money away. The better way still is to buy a new one.
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