Recovering deleted files in SD Card or Flash Drive

Have you ever experienced accidentally deleting important files in your SD card? Accidental reformatting? Corrupted card? There's a variety of softwares that offer the same service that can help you to recover those files. There comes Minitool, Recuva, EaseUS, and a lot more out there. To those people who've gone using these sofrtwares, can you please let me know your opinion and thoughts? What do you think is the best? What do you think is the differences between them?

If you're here seeing this post having a problem with recovering files, please let me know so I can guide you in using such softwares.


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Hi @masquezane01 , there's different methods on how to recover a file as long as the storage where the file was previously stored is intact. This conversation was from a previous comment, and somehow interacts on your topic. This software recovers lost and deleted files, just to safely or permanently remove it:LOL:. Anyway its still a powerful recovery software...

Hi @arcsmart18 , the deleting method of a smartphone is somehow similar to a computer or a laptop. When you delete a file it breaks the file into a non system binary or ascii file. These files are non readable by the system. If you try to open it with a system application like for example a note pad, you will just see a bunch of characters. A deleted file is also compacted into a single file containing the information. Now these files are usually hidden with a different file extension, these files are stored for recovery options. In order for the files to be recovered, a software is needed to assemble the file deleted and return it to the proper file type or extension. Just like a puzzle;)!

There are apps that recover the deleted files and that is the process of recovering it. Now if your asking about deleting it permanently or securely. There are also apps that is available for a secure delete. These apps remove the binary information stored during deletion. This apps simply clean crumbs:p!

Here are some apps for your reference:

Have a great day:coffee:!
Yes, I already experienced that problem, that is why it is important to have a backup disk in your computer system so that this problem will never be happened again.


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Last year, I had my 32GB memory card corrupted and I tried virtually everything I could do to restore or recover my files which were very important to my because they were job related files. But all to no avail.

I didn't know about these software which you mentioned here but I would love to know more about them. Please be kind enough to explain to me how to get the software and how to effectively use it to recover deleted and corrupted files.

I'm using Easeus for recovering lost data but not all lost data are recoverable. It depends if your storage device are healthy and if not they'res a change that you lost that data forever. Deleted data are not deleted permanently because they are still their at the system and can be recovered, but most data that are deleted through corruption are hard to recover using a software is not enough you will need more advance knowledge to bring that back.
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