How to connect Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro with Computer?

You need to use a cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro to your computer, it is the basic connection for transferring data, files, music, etc. from the computer to the phone as well as vice versa. You can connect your Samsung Android to your computer easily through the following steps.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable to the computer and the other end to the phone port (USB standard C, micro usb).

During the connection, if the driver is missing, it will automatically download.

When the device is ready, on your computer it will popup a windows with a few options for you to select like this


You can select "Open device to view files' if you want to see all folders in your smartphone.

Step 2: On the next window, double click on Phone to view folders and files


Step 3: Here you will see a list of folders and files having on your smartphone. You can select some folders to view files in them


If you just want to transfer pictures to your PC, select DCIM and select image files to copy to your computer.

If you want to transfer more pictures, music, etc., you can select "Download" or "Movies".

When you selected files or folders to transfer them to your computer, using copy and paste function to do.

This is an easiest way to connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer you can transfer data between two devices easily. Good luck!


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You can also connect your J7 using Samsung Kies. This software is specially made for Samsung units. This software will not only sync your phone to a PC or Laptop, it also have features where you can use for troubleshooting, file transfer and capability sharing.

Including in the software are essential drivers that enables you to control other components like camera and WiFi of the phone thru the connection.

Here are the links and article for your reference:

You can also check previous discussions related to the topic:

Smartphones have limited storage for people that are into selfies and photography thru smartphones. Although it will take sometime to use all that memory, but eventually it will cause your smartphone to slow down. A way to free some memory on a smartphone is make use of a storage device for backing up your image and other files.

A very efficient way to do that is thru synchronizing your smartphone with a laptop. I'm sure some of us have done it already:).

I use Kies for my Samsung S5 and J5 .... a software that is created by Samsung for synchronizing your phone and your laptop or desktop. It's a great way to manage your files and keep it safe. The software also comes with a little bit of trouble shooting features and update features.

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How about you? What are your means of connectivity and synchronization?

Have a great day guys:coffee:!


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I have a USB charger, so I just plug in my smartphone on my computer and then I immediatly get a message on my computer, saying that it found a device and asks me what I want to do with it. When I click the message, I get a list of options to check images, videos, files and other options, which I can then move onto my computer or I can add things to my smartphone this way.

It worked for me like that with my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and my current Huawei P10 Mini.
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