Which do you prefer Youtube or TV channels?

If I have to choose between both of them, I prefer YouTube. One of the reasons is because there is no time in which you have to watch your favorite shows, sports, series, or music. Also, you can be connected on YouTube at anytime and every place you go. In addition, you can learn foreign languages through YouTube with the subtitles under the video. I have learn Korean through some movies that I watch on YouTube. One of my favorite movies is Memories of Murder.



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I’ll also choose YouTube because it is more updated with the latest trends. It also offers a lot of free tutorials in Technology and various aspects of life. This makes knowledge easier especially for those who don’t have enough money to subscribe in TV channels.


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Well even though TV channels show specific programs at specific times and help to save time, because you get to know what is going to be shown at 'this time or that time' and where it is going to be shown, but it becomes boring and frustrating when you want to watch a specific program but it is not being shown on any TV channel.

On the on the hand you can just go online an watch whatever program you want to watch on You Tube at any time without restrictions. You can even download the programs you do not have time for and watch them later. But that is not the case for TV channels you cannot save or download programs that you do not have time for and watch them later.

So that brings me to my answer I will always prefer YouTube to TV channels.


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I would say that I prefer youtube than television because in youtube you can watch the videos over and over again. Most tv networks are also streaming live in youtube. Many appliance company now are making tv more innovative and advance,its called smart tv wherein you can connect it to the internet and use it as huge monitor for youtube and other applications app.


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Well, I'm of the opinion that both YouTube channel and TV serve similar purposes but they are somehow different. It's the difference that comes with the information contained in either TV and YouTube channel that will make me to choose one over the other. I would say that YouTube channel gives you direct access to the information that you are looking for but TV channels carries a lot of drama.
You tube are way more convenient when watching cause it offer lots of videos. There are lot of stuff where you can choose and you can watch whenever you like. Unlike TV you have to wait for your favorite show.
YouTube over TV any day for me. I love the fact that you can choose what you intend to watch at any time. The shows are all arranged in a manner that it would be easy for you to follow or go back and catch up one anything that was not clear. With TV if it passes you then woe unto you because you have to watch the next one without knowing what passed you.
Each one has its advantage and we need to use it depends on the different cases, you can not view TV channels on YouTube and vice versa. For me, Youtube is better for researching information and learning new knowledge from it while TV channels give me more relaxations.
I prefer to watch youtube than tv channels. Youtube offers more options to watch compared to TV channels. And there are programs that you can watch on TV that can be also seen on youtube. The good thing about youtube is that there is no required schedule to watch a specific show. Unlike on TV channels, when you miss a scheduled program then you won't be able to watch it again.


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For me, nowadays it's easier and more enjoyable on youtube than television. On youtube you can search for movies you want to watch and you can find tutorials that will increase your knowledge, but we all know that you will be able to access it if you have internet. For those who are able to avail internet and data you can enjoy youtube, but to individuals and families who are struggling with life endure and have no choice to stay on television watching and just chilling it down.
I prefer Youtube because I can watch a tons of video on that site. I can choose when to watch because it's always there except if it is remove by the owner. Channels are not that bad but you should wait first before you can watch your favorite show.
I prefer YouTube because their variety of shows to watch that are not found on TV channels ,I can watch them when I want to but with TV shows I have to be their at that exact time not to miss a particular show .what's your thought TV shows or YouTube ?
I agree with you on YouTube we can watch anything that is not found on TV channels. We can watch on YouTube anytime, there is no restriction you can watch whatever you want.
In my opinion, I like Youtube better than TV Channels because everything is uploaded on Youtube from the worst videos up to the best to be seen. Also, there are videos available on Youtube that are not available on TV Channel, too.
Both television and YouTube entertains me. :D:D:D Television is a traditional medium while YouTube is more user-created. YouTube is less corporately controlled than television, but that doesn’t quite make it better. Television is too commercial, but that doesn’t make it worse.


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I prefer youtube over tb shows because of the following reasons. First, you can search any type of videos you like in youtube based on your own preferences which you can do in TV unless you have a lot of good channels. Second, you can replay anytime and anywhere some videos or shows in youtube that you were not able to watch. Third, you can manipulate the quality of the videos in youtube. Lastly. you can post your own opinion and comment in youtube as well as read some comments and sentiments of other people regarding the video which was entertaining.
I rarely watch tv nowadays. So Youtube is where I spend more time. I cannot put up with longer time watching tv to finish a program. I guess I have a shorter attention span than before. I also get to choose what I wanted to view specifically on Youtube. Being able to fast forward as well to get the meat or the gist of the videos is one feature tv's don't have.
I prefer youtube than TV. The big difference is, you can watch your favorite or any program that you want to watch anytime and anywhere. Nowadays, I only use TV for live programs like news and local sports programs and coverage.
I prefer YouTube because their variety of shows to watch that are not found on TV channels ,I can watch them when I want to but with TV shows I have to be their at that exact time not to miss a particular show .what's your thought TV shows or YouTube ?
I love watching videos on YouTube now. I just listen to news on television.
I preferred Youtube since it gives no limitation for those things that you wanted to see. I also like the video option of "pause and rewind" which you cannot do on local TV channels. I am an avid fan of documentary show and Youtube gives me tons of channels that I can subscribe. Currently, I am following Vice since it is not available in our country.
YouTube works best for me. Most of the shows on TV can also be found on YouTube. On YouTube I have so many options and can watch at my convenient time and any where. At some point I didn't have a TV and I was ok with that.
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