Instructions for creating Animal 4D images for kids to learn animals


Jan 28, 2013
We can say that, with Animal 4D+; the phone is now a perfect learning tool for children. Animal 4D+ app takes advantage of AR technology through ARKit library on iOS or ARCore on Android to build a real 3D image of animals, helping them to recognize animals.

The principle of the application is simple, Animal 4D+ will read images in the form of cards and rely on the "information" on that card to identify the content, output the appropriate 3D image. These cards are sold with the app for 15 euros, but you can also use a trick to use it, which is to use another phone, or even a smartwatch to display these cards.

First, download the app below:
- Animal 4D + for iOS
- Animal 4D + for Android

After installed, run the application. The screen interface is similar to the shooting interface, but when dragging into predefined content, the 3D image will display accordingly. This application includes 26 animals that correspond to 26 English letters. About 19 of them are free; the remaining seven are unlocked (the price of 1.99USD with Holo mode is quite good). Here are some photos that you can use to try, surely the results will surprise you.

Instructions for creating Animal 4D images for kids to learn animals.jpg
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