1. gearvita

    JJRC R3 CADY WILL RC Robot - Smart Entertainment and Good Companion for Kids

    JJRC R3 RC robot CADY WILL is an incredible robot that can bring a lot of fun to you. It can walk and slide like a human, change between high/low speed, and turn up/down the volume. When it dances, there is amazing LED lighting and dynamic music. More interestingly, it can enter the fighting...
  2. socialagency

    Instructions for creating Animal 4D images for kids to learn animals

    We can say that, with Animal 4D+; the phone is now a perfect learning tool for children. Animal 4D+ app takes advantage of AR technology through ARKit library on iOS or ARCore on Android to build a real 3D image of animals, helping them to recognize animals. The principle of the application is...