JJRC R3 CADY WILL RC Robot - Smart Entertainment and Good Companion for Kids


Aug 3, 2018
JJRC R3 RC robot CADY WILL is an incredible robot that can bring a lot of fun to you. It can walk and slide like a human, change between high/low speed, and turn up/down the volume. When it dances, there is amazing LED lighting and dynamic music. More interestingly, it can enter the fighting mode and use its arm to shoot missiles towards different directions. With the auto demonstration button, the robot can carry out a series of actions automatically.

Product Features:
● Remote Operation Mode
Perform various function operations through the remote control buttons.

● Gesture Sensing Mode
Manipulating the robot forward, backward, left turn, right turn by the gesture.

● Touch Play Mode
Touch the head/shoulder to release skills, shake the robot to make a fun conversation.

● Self-programming Function
The smart robot can remember movement with a maximum of 50, it will repeat the movement one by one for what it did on passing minutes.

● Modular Battery
Large 600mAh capacity, standby for up to 2 hours.

● Battle Function
The arm can launch the magic machine light cannon to achieve the fight.

● Light Effects
The robot eye has a variety of interesting LED lights, the arm emits magical cannon light, and the ear chest is matched with light effects.

● Role-play Combat
Two or more than two players can engage and interact in a network to combat and shoot at each other.

● 2.4G Remote Control
Multiple robots can be played simultaneously without interference with each other.

This JJRC R3 RC robot helps kids to learn beginning sciences and build their habits. It offers a fun and educational way to play for family time, keeps kids engaged and entertained, also great as a home decoration: https://gearvita.com/jjrc-r3-rc-robot-cady-will.html

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