How to Clear Android smartphones' RAM

What is Ram?
Ram is abbreviated of “Random Access Memory.”
The way it works on the phone is the same as on a personal computer. Ram is responsible for storing the background data for the operating system and the application's pending tasks controlled by the CPU. Ram plays an important role in the control and processing system of a device, the ram capacity also determines the power of the device, when combined with CPU processing parameters.

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Why clear Ram?
Not only the phone but the computer also has a limited memory ram. If the ram is full, the processor's performance decreases.It can even lead to loss of control, latching, or crashes.
It's important to control the RAM you use when using your phone, tablet, and laptop. The function of ram is to save the background data for the operating system and application launch when the user activates. Therefore, if the user opens too many applications, will result in the ram being filled and the performance of the device fall down. The following article will help you know how to free RAM android phone.

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How to free up RAM on Android smartphones

1. Turn off multitasking applications
To free up the android phone's RAM users need to turn off the currently running multitasking applications when not in use. This helps the phone save battery power and helps to release a significant amount of ram. To free the android phone's RAM this way, users just need to touch the square multitasking button on the phone and select the right or left clipping or right-clicking to delete all applications in this list.

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2. Use software
In addition to manual shutdown, users also have the option of using software that helps clear cache, clean up computer junk and turn off improperly running applications and free up ram memory for Android phones. Rather to mention Clean master, CCleaner, Advanced cleaner system. They can be found on Play Store, just search and download.

3. Turn off services, widgets, animations and unnecessary connections
Animated effects, widgets are also one of the causes of filling memory. Users can choose to use a simple theme, less effect and turn off the widget outside the phone screen to optimize the ram.
Finally, one that give information of my favorite phone part, RAM. It is my favorite because its function is very important. Most especially when you are a gamer. It was the reason that your phone is slower or rather fast acting when commanded. Closing unnecessary applications also help it clean so it will function more effective.
To reduce your phone ram is you have to close some application that seldom use,or you have to uninstall apps that is not important.Erase some old pictures including the thread messages of your apps like messenger,viber,whats apps.The other option is go to your application manager if your using Samsung phone then go to each apps then erase their cache to free a megabyte in this way your phone will free junk megabyte it increased the capacity of your phone ram, avoid also unnecessary updates of your phone apps.


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Thanks for the explanation. I can never put it to words when someone asks me what RAM is, and just keep wondering what it is. Now I can just refer to this thread.

You wouldn't know how crazy it is when I have to explain people why RAM is important to a phone and all other devices. Yes, it doesn't have to be the top priority, but you can't just neglect it because you're completely unaware of what it is.
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