Offline games for Android, anyone?


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I'm looking for some fun games that I can play offline. Currently, I'm looking for RTS (real time strategy) games, and downloaded a survival game in the meantime.

Does anyone have any other good games that can be played offline? Feel free to suggest any game you know and like. I never know if I end up liking a puzzle game, altough I'm pretty tired of Candy Crush and other match 3 games, so before suggesting any like those, make certain there's more to the game than just match 3, complete level and move on to the next. Also, free games! I'm not paying for mobile games. If they're really that fun to play, I'll be able to buy a game like it for PC.

Shortly put, I need mobile games that are:
  1. Offline (online options, but not required to play)
  2. Free
  3. NOT match 3 games.


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I've played some good offline games before and you can try them if you like.
Here are my list:
1. Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival
(Challenging Survival game where you'll reset from the start if you die)
2. Wild Tamer
(Shaman gone wild!)
3. Gladiator Rising: Rougelike RPG
(Don't die, or you'll go back from the top)

Hope you'll like it


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The Mini DayZ looks kinda fun. I think I'm going to download that one and see if it's as fun as it looks. Wild tamer has a different art style, but I don't think it's a game I'll enjoy. Looks can be deceiving and I could be wrong, but I'll keep it on hold for now. The last one is a questionable one. It looks fun, but it doesn't seem like there's much more to the game than what they show in the images.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm gonna put MiniDayZ on my list and download it when I need something. I recently found a couple of games and I'm currently trying to complete those (or play them until they bore me).


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So, I've tried Mini DayZ, and it was kinda fun at first, but I couldn't get much better in the game, or I improved really slowly. I kept doing the easiest mode, and I usually couldn't last longer than 2 nights. I feel like I need a peacefull mode to try out everything. It's a good game, just a bit too difficult for me to enjoy.
I would like to recommend these games

Smash Hit
Airattack 2
Table tennis
Badminton League

They are interesting games that can make you addicted.
Try them and let me know what games do you like best :)


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Here's a game I found enjoying: Stick War Legacy.
It's just your average stick game, where you hire miners to mine gold, then recruit other stick figures to fight for you and you have to take out the enemy's statue before they destroy yours. It's offline. It only needs internet if you want to make a purchase or watch an ad for double the amount of purple gems you've received after winning a game.


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Here's the link:

As for gameplay, I don't think I can explain it better than when you open up the link and read for yourself. I just wrote down the gist of it: You get workers, they mine gold you can use to buy units for combat, who you must then send to the enemy to destroy their statue, while the enemy tries to do the same.
If you have more specific questions, I would gladly try to answer them.
I am a bit into solving puzzles and all. Hence, I have Sudoku and Infinity Loop on my phone. I'm not sure whether Sudoku will excite a lot of people, but Infinity Loop is seriously addictive!
I still remember those days that I was addicted to different offline games on my smartphone because we didn't have an internet connection back then. So, I would like to recommend this great game I had played.

Tap Titans.
Here's a link for you to check:
I know everyone who is looking for an offline game will never regret trying this one. However, the developer is no longer giving updates to this game simply because they made a new online version of it. But, you can still install it and enjoy playing.
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