Xiaomi AirDots Bluetooth Headset Lets The Melodious Time Slow Down


Aug 3, 2018
The Xiaomi AirDots Bluetooth Headset comes with several features that ensure the user is satisfied with the sound output and the user experience is designed to be seamless. If the pair or one of them is taken out of the charging box, it boots automatically and pairs with the previously connected device. Placing it inside the charging box automatically disconnects and switches it off. There are touch panels on both sides of the earphone, which is used to pause of playing, answer and reject the calls, etc.

Product Features:
● Elegant and Simple, Delicate Meterial
The sleek and compact design eliminates the cumbersome elements, and the appearance is simple and full, which complements its simple operation. The charging box is made of high-difficult two-color injection molding technology, with translucent matte material, which is not only durable and wearable, but also has a sense of beauty, which makes people love it.

● Throw Away The Bondage, Feel The Agility of Music
With TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, the binaural split body design, from now on without the headset line, enjoy the freedom of the melody.

● Take Out The Box and Automatically Boot
Xiaomi AirDots Bluetooth Headset incorporates new technology, changing traditional manual operations and simplifying complicated paining steps. After being taken out of the box, it can be automatically turned on, automatically conneted and paired, and enjoy the song, it is so simple and easy.

● At The Touch of Button, Control by Heart
The built-in touch panel of the headset is reponsive and can be used to complete your commands with a soft touch at your fingerprints. Avoid the pain of pressing with traditional buttons, and open a new era of touch with you.

● Hello, Xiaoai Classmates
Tap twice to wake up the Xiaoai voice assiatant, no need to take time to pick up the phone. In a word, it helps you to solve the trivial things of life.

● Find Better, New Bluetooth 5.0
A new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, compatible with various protocols such as Bluetooth 4.2 and below, achieves a comprehensive upgrade of performance, achieves long-distance transmission with ultra-low power consumption, has stronger anti-WiFi signal interference capability, and keeps the signal smooth, gives you a more smooth experience.

● Stereo Call, Hear More Clearly
The Xiaomi AirDots Bluetooth Headset uses a new version of the chip to achieve two-channel stereo. Listen more clearly, and the call is close at hand.

● Double Bass, Make The Sound More Sensation
The special 7.2mm strong magnetic moving ring speaker has wider bass range and more explosive sound. It is equipped with a rear cavity sounding structure and then optimized by the tuner to make the mid-low frequency more powerful and melody more sensation.

● 12 Hours of Battery Life, Happy and Uninterrupted
The dual headphones are fully charged for 4 hours of continuous listening, and with the exquisite and compact charging box, it can provide about 12 hours of battery life, and the outdoor travel is not afraid of power failure, so that the songs accompany you all the way.

● Close to Both Ears, Comfortable and Endless
When you wear it you dont want to take it off, listen to music, it should be so comfortable. Repeatedly calibrated curved arcs make the earphones fit the contours of the ears, the beveled ear structure is designed to comfortably penetrate the ear canal, three sets of soft silicone ear caps of different sizes are designed to create
comfort for everyone.

● Work, There Is Also "Enjoy" Accompanied
Both headphones can be used separately for easy office work, while allowing boring work to accompanied by misic.

The Apple AirPods brought a true wireless headsets experience to the market and quickly became popular, but the new AirPods cost are overpriced for the average person. Never mind! The new Xiaomi AirDots Bluetooth Headset is priced only at $45.59 on GearVita. Thus, for the 1/3 of AirPods price, you can have the same true wireless experience: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-airdots-bluetooth-headset.html

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