Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Light Makes Mosquitoes Have Nowhere To Escape


Aug 3, 2018
Xiaomi Sothing cactus mosquito killer light is made by plastic ABS and is a decorative object in itself thanks to the cactus-shaped finish and white + green combination. It uses the mosquito's phototaxis of UV light, induce them close to the lamp and inhaled them into mosquito storage box by the airflow. Due to the air-duct design, the light can operate at angles up to 360°, so mosquitoes can perceive it from any area and be attracted to it.

Product Features:
● Utilizes mosquito's phototaxis of UV light to achieve the inhalation physical mosquito killing.
● 360° UV lamp + 360° open air duct, all-around attraction, makes mosquito killing more efficient.
● No smoke, dust and irritating odors during work, reduces the likelihood of respiratory discomfort.
● Dark light reduces visual disturbances, compatible with most mobile phone chargers and power bank.
● Powered by Micro USB interface, convenient to charge.
● One button control, easy to operation.
● Removable mosquito storage box, easy to remove and wash.

During the summer, mosquitoes are frequent visitors to the house. To deal with mosquitoes, we usually use physical methods such as fly pat, but which is power-consuming and not efficient enough. There are also biological and chemical weapon methods, such as mosquito repellent, toilet water and mosquito coils, but these are still somewhat dangerous and irritating to the human body. Now we have new options, without any side effect or irritation to the human body which is the Xiaomi Sothing cactus mosquito killer light: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-sothing-cactus-mosquito-killer-light.html

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