How to turn on double layer security for your Gmail


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Double Layer Security for Gmail is a feature that supports sending a verification message when you sign in to your phone, thereby making Gmail safer. To enable double layer security please follow the following procedure.

Step1: Visit and sign in to your Gmail account .

Step 2: In the Password and login section you will see 2-Step Verification, click.

Step 3: Get started.

Step 4: The system will now require login again.

Step 5: Google will suggest support for phone verification, if you do not use Gmail on your phone, the system will ignore it and go to the verification request by phone number.

Enter the phone number you want to use to verify each time you sign in to Gmail and select Send.

Step 6: Google will send you a confirmation message, enter your verification code in the space provided.

Step 7: Select On to finish setting up 2 layer security for your Gmail.

So I have to guide you to turn on security for two layers Gmail.

Wish you success.


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Wow, thanks for sharing this !
I use gmail for years and never knew about this one.
I only used my phone as a verification and nothing more.
Will use it to make my account more safer since I do not want to risk it being hacked or something.
Adding another layer would be great.
Thank you!


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You are highly welcome mate. It's always in one's best interest to have one's account well secured because a lot of hackers are trying to get into our account one way or another. My Gmail account have been hacked once which is why I sought for ways to put an end to this and prevent it from happening again.
This is awesome, my friend.I've lost my gmail password so many times and I was always afraid I will lose it.Gmail is my best friend when it comes down to email providers.
Keeping it secure as much as you can is always the best thing.
I’m just wondering. What would happen if you lose the phone you’re using for authentication? Will it be easy to recover? I haven’t experienced it yet.
Thank you for sharing. I am doing this also not only on my gmail account but also on my yahoo mail. Since those email accounts contain special and important details of mine so double security really helps. It helps you also the moment you forgot your password just confirm it on the phone and it really helps.
Thanks for sharing google!. I have followed all those steps to make sure my account from unauthorized use. That features of google is so powerful of protecting your account because if someone try to use account, the google will send you an alert on cellphone so you'll be alerted. Thank google for this!
Can you also share how to enable 2-factor authentication for a PayPal account? I can't seem to find updated guides about it. Thanks!


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These are instructions that were good for me :


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Thanks for this little simple guide. When I read the title I didn't knew what you meant with doulbe layer security, but when you said it was to link your phone to your gmail account, I knew what was up.
The term you were looking for here is two factor authentication, not double layer security ;)
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