What antivirus should I download for Windows 10 ?

I wanted to install an antivirus in my computer since there is a lot of junk files that I got and I am having virus and malware problem.

Most of you, probably, has an antivirus installed but I never had one.Not for years.

Which one would you recommend me to download ?
You can live with the built-in one. But you should supplement it with Malwarebytes. Windows defender against viruses, and Malwarebytes against malware. A weekly on-demand scan from Malwarebytes will help keep you safe. Best freeware combo! :D
I would download the Norton Security Deluxe anti-virus software for your Windows 10 computers. Norton is one of the most trusted names in the industry so you know you are getting a reliable product off the bat when you download it. Furthermore, It is quite a discreet software, so it doesn't annoyingly get in way of your everyday computing tasks. It has great features such as an integrated password manager, browser protection and scam insight which can make you generally feel safe and secure when you use your windows 10 pc. Additionally, the best part may be that it helps make your PC run more efficiently, instead of just slowing it down, which other software have been known to do. Norton is the safe option, but a good one nonetheless.


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As the guys said, avast or avg should do good.
Check which one fits you better and uses less energy.
I personally recommend avg.
It can be downloaded here.

Hope it helped.
Wow! These really helps a lot especially if you're quite confused on what antivirus should be downloaded. The bottom-line here is that an antivirus should have the ability to detect all possible threats present on your laptop. For me, I'm using 360 Total Security as an antivirus. So far, it's doing its' job, guys.


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The suggested apps by members here all great antivirus apps. Most of them i have already used through the years. AVG, WINdefender, Malwarebytes and Avast are free apps that i have already used.

Most of them are great real time scanners with minimum power required. Also some of the apps include other functions like system cleaning, Optimization etc...

In addition i also want to recommend USB disk security. Its a lite app that protects your PC/LAPTOP from virus coming from external devices plugged in your device ports. I've been using this app for a long time and it served me well.

I have been using USB Disk Security simultaneously with Avast at the moment and its a great combination for me.

I hope this helps:coffee:!


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The built-in one is good enough for me, but if anything, I would highly recommend AVG. It really helped me clean up my laptop. Sure, it's still running too slow for my taste, but what would you expect from a 7 year old laptop? I'm pretty sure I haven't cleaned the dust within for ages, as well.
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