1. gearvita

    Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit - Gadgets Work Together for A Better Home

    There are a variety of smart gadgets that can make your home safer: alarms, door sensors, IP cameras, electrical outlets and more. Alternatively, you can get a complete set of accessories that work together to make your home securer, such as the Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 smart home security kit, which...
  2. gearvita

    Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P Video Doorbell Set - Upgrade Your Home Security

    The Xiaomi AI face identification video doorbell set brings both convenience and security to your home by streaming a live view of the doorstep to your smartphone, whether you are on the other side of the door or the other side of the world. It has a motion sensing and night vision, when someone...
  3. gearvita

    NEO Coolcam NAS-PD01Z Z-wave PIR Motion Sensor - Guard Your Home Security

    NEO Coolcam NAS-PD01Z Z-wave PIR motion sensor has the ability of motion and light detection, 7m dectection distance, whether day or night can be real-time monitoring. This sensor is compatible system with Z-wave 300 series and 500 series, can't work alone, must work with their Z-wave alarm...
  4. Martinsx

    How to turn on double layer security for your Gmail

    Double Layer Security for Gmail is a feature that supports sending a verification message when you sign in to your phone, thereby making Gmail safer. To enable double layer security please follow the following procedure. Step1: Visit and sign in to your...
  5. Joey Mercado

    All About VPN!!!

    Some of us are get to use of the VPN, especially when you are in the remote places where some application is not able to use in communication and other means and for us to have some sense of security because it will blocked the location where we at. But even though we use it we do not have the...
  6. EfficientNinja

    MacBook Password Recovery Guide

    MacBook users sometimes forget their login credentials if they haven't used their computer for a long time. If you are one of those who cannot log in because of a forgotten password, you will need to reset the password. To reset your password follow these steps: Step 1: Restart. Step 2...