Can a smartphone replace a laptop or a desktop PC in 2018?

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What do you think a smartphone can replace a laptop or a desktop PC in 2018? I asked this because I see today smartphones' specifications are very high and even stronger than a normal PC.

Your comments would be appreciated.
I don't think it would replace a laptop or desktop PC because you can have both. A laptop can stay in a place where I can work on a task that really needs the comfort of my fingers resting on the keyboard. I prefer a laptop when watching movies I like or doing some research. On the other hand, when I'm constantly moving or going somewhere I prefer using my smartphone but only for transactions, business, playing games, reading e-books, and sometimes watching movies also. It's good to have both.
In my opinion, using a smartphone for functions like typing an email or editing a document only works if you're desperate or in a hurry or have no other choices. This is not a comfortable option at all. and you're prone to making many mistakes. I have a laptop,a smartphone and a tablet. I always end up coming back to my laptop, there just no substitute.
In terms of businesses, technology is really important, plus the gadgets as well. These things help us to get our stuff done easily.

The hardware of the smartphones should be manageable as the software. Smartphones as we all know are handy, despite that, it could multitask but not as much as laptops.

Laptops are still above smartphones especially for people who work for companies, because it is reliable for typing easily and a lot more, and soon enough there will be inventions or laptop upgrade.
As far as specs go, yes today's new phones do compare to some computers. It's actually pretty amazing how advanced today's cell phones are compared to just 5-10 years ago.

But I don't think smartphones will completely replace computers/laptops anytime soon. There are just certain things I'd definitely prefer doing on my laptop than on my phone. The main thing being typing or creating a document, like a resume or writing a letter.

You can see from this image where the average uses for cell phones vs. computers are:

I'd be willing to bet that when something is needing to be typed, the computer is more widely used than a smartphone also. Yes I can definitely type on my smart phone pretty fast, but nothing beats an actual keyboard when you need to type a lot. Even though the cell phones of today have gotten pretty close to replacing our computers, I don't believe its going to happen quite yet.
I don't think a smartphone can replace a laptop or desktop this year or maybe not in a few more years. There are still a lot of tasks that are more comfortable to be carried out using bigger screens such as word processing, games, watching videos/movies, to name a few. Sure, we can also do these things using a smartphone but the experience is far better in PCs. But it's a good alternative when you don't have access to a PC and it is more portable since it is light and can fit into your pocket.
Smartphone cannot supersede the the desktop, how much more with laptop? Let us focus between smartphone and desktop alone. Smartphone yes has a very good advantage if we talk about mobility because blatantly, you can carry it anywhere you wish to use it unlike desktop it is stationary. But look, when it comes to browsing, typing and watching desktop is the best between the two. Smartphone has a lot of limits like battery limit, screen limit and privacy limit. So, that is my opinion there!
Smart phones can match the specifications of a laptop or a desktop but still cannot totally replace both. Smartphones and computers both have their own advantages so i think it is still necessary or important to have both. Smartphones cannot compare to a laptop or a PC when doing multitasking. Even if they both have the same Specs like RAM and everything, it is still easier and faster to multitask using computers. The advantage of having a keyboard and a mouse and especially a wide monitor goes to computers. So i think smartphones will have its importance growing in the future but still cannot compare to Laptops and Desktops.
Such a good question! Everything about smartphones is just increasing. The battery life, processors, network speeds... But, the thing is we will always need a desktop. Maybe not for social networks, watching videos, movies, and other stuff we do or use just for fun but, most definitely, desktop or laptop will serve better than a smartphone when it comes to larger projects.For example, I could never use Photoshop on my phone or my tablet. The sizes of the screens could never be big enough for picture editing.
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